The Last Email


July 15, 2014 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

I am too excited to even type properly. I love my mission. I love everything. I think I am the happiest person on earth right now. I think of this past week, sweating like crazy and pedaling my little bike up these hills of Tennessee. I think of talking to strangers about Jesus Christ, I think of being in people’s homes, teaching them about Jesus Christ. I think of all the many times I’ve shared the First Vision and felt the Spirit testify to me that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. I think of the prayers I’ve offered for others, and the prayers that have been offered in my behalf. I think of all of the friends I’ve met, best friends forever! I think of all of the funny, awkward, and embarrassing things that have happened. I think of all the spiritual experiences I’ve had, and experiences that have brought me to my knees in prayer to my Heavenly Father. I think of letters and emails and packages I’ve received, little notes of encouragement and cookies to keep me going. I think of the many opportunities I’ve had to serve, especially my fellow missionaries. I think of those I love who have entered the waters of baptism. I think of my companions who have been with me every step of the way, crying and laughing and talking and working and teaching. I think of those who have given me strength, who have been my angels. I think of how blessed I am to be a missionary. For the rest of my life!

I think of my Savior and my Heavenly Father. How grateful I am, that Their plan for me included a mission. I love you all so so so very much.

Love always,

Hermana Rachel Knecht (always an hermana)


One thought on “The Last Email

  1. Donna Suchoski says:

    Welcome home!!! You’ve been an inspiration and given great service.

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