I Could Eat Sopes Forever

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July 2, 2014 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family,

Elvia is getting baptized this Saturday!! We are so excited for her.
She is strong, so excited, and truly understands that this means a new
life. We asked her this week what repentance means to her. She said,
it means that I stop doing what’s wrong and do my best to never do it
again, I think that’s why I’ve been so happy lately, because I’ve been
repenting. Isn’t that just so simply true? We are happy when we
repent. She has so readily accepted the commandments, already has a
testimony of tithing, and has read almost all of For the Strength of
Youth pamphlet. It will be such a special day.

It was another good week, and I have more bike induced bruises to
prove it. It was actually a crazy week. We got rained on every single
day, and soaked at least four times. No swimming on your mission?
False. We were soaked through. It always started to downpour as soon
as we would be leaving somewhere, or on our way somewhere. We ended up
walking our bikes to either the church or Waffle House, or hiding out
on some stranger’s porch. We were rescued quite a few times by some
sweet members, which we were so grateful for. Also, the looks on
peoples’ faces as they passed by in their cars were priceless. Crazy
sister missionaries right? At least they’ll never forget us. And I
don’t think I’ve ever been more wet in my life without going swimming!

Those downpours were blessings though. Some that I realized, some that
I’m sure I won’t ever realize. But it makes me think of this quote
from a recent issue of the Ensign by Bishop Davies: “No, the Lord does
not give us challenges that are intended to impede our eternal
progress” (Heavenly Help for Our Mortal Journey)

Isn’t that comforting? It’s been a huge comfort to me lately, as I
find myself experiencing little challenges here and there that
seemingly could set me back, or my investigators back. But that’s not
the case. Faith has helped me be able to change my perspective and
keep holding on strong!

Pause, just ate a huge sope. Oh my goodness I could eat sopes forever.
Y queso fresco, I’m so full. Makes pday way less stressful when you
have food in your stomach.

We had Spanish conference last Saturday. It was amazing. It was so
good to see everyone. And I saw Brother and Sister Salazar! I love
them so much.

Well things are getting crazy, so I’ll wrap this up. So much to do and
no time! Ahhh. But I love you all and you’re in my prayers.

Hermana Rachel Knecht


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