Pan dulce y la mano de Dios‏

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June 24, 2014 by sisterrachelknecht

Querida familia,

Another week has flown by. Some items of business, my hair is now a different color, thanks to my cosmetologist companion, I love it, my bruises have mostly gone away although I’ve had several people ask me if I got in a fight (someone just decided to like kick my calves though?), and it’s been so so hot.

Sometimes I’m at a loss of what to write. I have my journal right in front of me and yet I can’t really put into words how this last week was. It was so good, and it was so hard, and my emotions are crazy these days. I find myself thinking that I’m totally at peace with going home, and then sometimes I find myself cranky, or upset. I ask myself, what is that all about?! And then I realize that it’s some emotion that has to go with going home that I’m not dealing with the best that I could. Luckily, Hermana McNeill is really patient. We don’t really talk about home too much, so sometimes, I don’t really understand where those emotions are coming from, until I talk it out. Yes, it’s usually about going home. To be expected right?

But this week, I was blessed to recognize la mano de Dios. I think I’ll probably just type up some excerpts from my journal (it’s probably more accurate anyways!)

Monday:”Dyed hair. Met with a less active family from Columbia. So so sweet. You can tell their hearts are pure. Also, finding Donald! (A referral) Who lives with one of the potential/former investigators”

Tuesday: I got a blessing from one of the Elders because I was feeling so uneasy (my last zone conference was the next day): “Here’s what I remember from the blessing: Do everything you can to have the Spirit with you, Have the strength to finish strong, Expose heart to people, There is someone for you to meet and bless these next weeks”. I love that. We had a really awesome lesson with a woman named Marta who faithfully reads the Book of Mormon, but doesn’t come to church because of work. She’s so amazing though, and said she feels such a connection to us, like we’re her family. She said that we’ll always be able to keep up on FB, and that one day we’ll look at her on FB and she’ll have been baptized and going to church every week. Oh I love it.

Wednesday: “How do I express today? My last zone conference. Departing testimony. Did I say what I was supposed to? I felt so sick about it…but I felt at peace after my departing testimony. I felt like the Spirit helped me know what to say….Wilmar. What a miracle. We were about to pull away when he came outside and flagged us down. He’s so sincere, wants to be baptized. And believes it’s all true. He said missionaries used to stop by in Guatemala when he was 7. I know he’s prepared”.

Thursday: “It was a buen dia. Muy bueno. We set a solid baptismal date with Elvia! We went over with Cindy to teach her, we started by teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and she brought up that she had learned a lot over a somewhat rough weekend. She wants to be baptized, and wants to make that commitment! It was so natural, so special, and she glowed”

Friday: “Diana messaged me back on FB, it was so cool, she said she had been reading the Book of Mormon and was praying about it/had already prayed about it! Smiley face!…Also, went to Sonic with Elvia! I had no idea that she had only moved here two weeks after the hermanas first got here. Meant to be, right? Seriously I feel blessed to teach her”.

Saturday: “I was in love with today. It was so good. Days like this help me remember why I love being a missionary, why I love myself for who I am, and how GRATEFUL I am to be here…Exchange with Sister Johnson. Love her! Such a fun last exchange. Funny because she was my first exchange in Buena Vista when we were just in our first transfer and our comps went to MLC…we taught Guillermo from Mosiah 4 (he’s the guy from the panaderia!). He loved it. He’s so solid. Seriously, I feel like we click. He payed for our pan y Jarritos and thanked me for sharing the scripture with him. And baptism, another ward had a baptism and we happened to be at the building for a branch activity, and Elvia was there and LOVED it. Sister Andersen was there, and took care of Elvia’s baby Angel, so that she could relax during the baptism. Oh I was SO grateful. She felt the Spirit, started crying, and said she just was so happy for the woman getting baptized”. Her fears are gone about baptism and now she’s just so excited! July 5th!

Sunday: “Elvia y Hermana Zuly came to church, which was so so awesome. Elvia loved it…time is going by way too fast. I feel slightly off, maybe a little confused, it doesn’t feel real. Parts about being a missionary truly haven’t changed at a all and some parts are seeming to fade away. Singing “Para Siempre Dios este con Vos” made me emotional today”.

I think that says it all. Oh family. I love you! Thank you for supporting me every single day, through your words, prayers, and love! I am so so blessed to be a missionary.

Hermana Rachel Knecht


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