On A Bike This Week! (sent 6/9/14)

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June 24, 2014 by sisterrachelknecht


Dear family and friends,

Good morning from rainy Smyrna, TN! First of all, where am I? This
isn’t familiar, and I don’t know ANYONE here. I might as well be a
greenie again! And that’s exactly how I feel. And I’m accepting it,
and I love it.

Let me explain. The other two new missionaries in our district are
also greenies, so it would only make sense that I’m a greenie too.
Also, whenever anyone asks me how much time I’ve been out or have
left, Hermana McNeill says “she has 6 weeks”. Six weeks of what? And I
have to keep asking her tons of questions, like “are we in Smyrna
still?”, “how do I ride a bike with a skirt on?”, “are they members or
investigators?”, “what time are we having dinner?”, “how do I work the
shower?”, “is it normal for that old man to be sleeping outside on the
stairs?”, “wait, what’s their name again?”, “am I within sight and
sound of you?”, “oh, you want me to back the car up?” #greenieprobz

It has been a humbling experience, to not know where I am, who these
people are, to not know what to do/where to go during our planning,
and to be a passenger in the car again. And I would add to that, it’s
been humbling to be in an area where nobody knows me.

This week felt long, but it was a really good week. Hermana McNeill
and I get along really well, she’s seriously so goofy. And you know
me, I thrive off of goofiness. She’s such a hard worker too, and we’ve
been working well together so far. She reminds me of Kate! My first
night, I met an investigator named Giovanni. He is so solid, so
excited to get baptized. We had so much faith, and felt like we should
go forward with it. We didn’t know how,and he didn’t know how. But
we invited him to fast with us on Friday,and he did. He truly has
this desire to be baptized, he’s just in such a tough spot. The baptism
didn’t happen. But it didn’t shake my faith, and it didn’t shake his either.
We’re praying it will happen soon.

I also met the sweetest family ever, the Perez family. Three girls,
their aunt Lizeth who is really just a few years older than the oldest
girl, and their grandma Myrna. I LOVE them. Lizeth is a recent
convert. Anyways, they came to a noche de hogar this Friday. We taught
about the iron rod, and did the fun little activity in the gym where
you have like a rope that they have to hold onto and you turn the
lights off, and try to distract them from getting to the “tree of
life”. It was really fun and then we played basketball and ate
cookies! Their little brother Cruz was the only boy there, besides
Elvia’s son (she’s 18, I think, and her baby is maybe like 10 months?
He’s a doll and just gives me death stares until you make funny faces
at him). I so badly pray that they can get baptized soon.

I’ve met lots and lots of new people this week, and Hermana McNeill
and I have found quite a few new people together as well. There truly
are so many wonderful people here, and so many wonderful people that I
know I’m supposed to meet. Sometimes I get anxious, and discouraged.
Am I doing all I can? Am I a worthy servant? Am I helping ANYONE? But
I know I need to exercise patience and charity.

Bike riding this week! So blessed, there’s an extra bike and helmet
here. And I’m going to buy a cushy bike seat and a basket. And bike
shorts. Oh, the adventures never cease. Seriously, I am excited.
Hopefully it’ll make up for all the pan I’ve been eating (there’s a
delicious panaderia here, seriously. And we met a golden investigator
who loves the Book of Mormon, but lives in Nashville and works all the
time. So basically we’re going to the panaderia weekly. We extended a
baptismal invitation, I’ll gain weight if it means he’ll get baptized.
Totally worth it).

Love you love you so much,

Hermana Rachel Knecht


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