The Perfect Sunday (sent 5/26/14)

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June 6, 2014 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

Yesterday was the perfect Sunday. One of those days where you say to
yourself, “How could I ever go home?”. Three investigators at church,
one of which members have been visiting without you even asking them
to. Fidela and listened and watched the speakers so
intently. And to think a week ago, we were unsure about whether or not
she even was interested anymore. We went over on Thursday with Hermana
Rodriguez, kind of on a whim, but obviously guided by the Spirit. It
went so good, and then Hermana Rodriguez’s car started to smoke, so we
took it over to another member’s house who just lives a street over.
We told them we were visiting an investigator, and they asked what her
address was. Then, on Sunday after sacrament meeting, I went over and
asked Hermana Ramon if she would introduce herself, and she said “We
went over the other day and already met her”. Ahhh, I was so so happy.
The members took such good care of her at church, and then gave her a
ride home afterwards.

And during sacrament meeting, Liseth (she’s 6) sat next to us, and
then Poncecito (the son of one of our investigators and less-actives)
came and sat next to us too and whispered in the cutest Spanish I’ve
ever heard. We’re not babysitters obviously, but it’s one of my
favorite things on Sunday, to be around all of the adorable kids.

And during sacrament meeting, they announced that the daughter of one
of the families we’ve been working with is getting baptized! She’s 8,
will be 9 this year, so she’s not a convert baptism, but we’ve loved
meeting with her and her family. They are so so great, and have truly
made this decision on their own. That night, we had a sweet lesson with
them where we watched a video of Christ being baptized, and the parents
and their 15 year old son shared their feelings about their baptisms
years ago. And then they gave us a ride to our next appointment. Amazing
how even just them giving us a ride can create a stronger bond. They’re
so great. They asked me to sing at her baptism, and I’m so grateful for
that. This Saturday!

Then third hour, we taught Mujeres Jovenes. We taught about
patriarchal blessings, and the stake patriarch is in the branch, so we
invited him to teach the class with us. He so willingly helped us, and
we learned so much from him. It was such a great experience. Also, I
met the Young Men’s General President, President David Beck. Mom, Dad,
his wife sent the picture of Sister Rich and I! Just in case you were
wondering who it was! He came and sat in on the youth Sunday school.
He was visiting the different wards in this area. Pretty cool, right?

Then, Sister Hadley invited us over to lunch! Her daughters are so so
sweet, Gabby (the 8 year old) was so excited. She was planning to put
on a Frozen play, but we didn’t have time for that, unfortunately. We
had breakfast for lunch, and it was just so good to be with them. And
we gave Angelica boy advice, she’s 14 or 15. She’s seriously such an
impressive young woman, she’s just so grounded and the standards of
the gospel are just a part of her. She just lives them.

And we had dinner with Hermana Marisol and her daughter Stephanie. We
love love love them. We did service for Hermana Marisol this past
week, working in her yard, and it looks so good. Also, she cleans the
houses for Ashley Monroe (from the Pistol Annies), Miranda Lambert,
and Kimberly-something (I think?) from Little Big Town. She’s known
them all for a pretty long time, and seems like she knows Ashley
Monroe the best. So, she asked if we would give her some Book of
Mormons in English to give to them, with our number and names inside.
So, I’m pretty sure I gave Miranda Lambert a Book of Mormon this past
week #tennesseenashvillemission

Family, it was such a good good week. I went on exchanges in Bowling
Green with Sister Rawlings, she’s the best. And we just had such a
good time. And I’m getting so good at using the bus system and getting
to know the bus drivers. And we’re working with members so well here,
and I just love them ALL. My heart breaks sometimes because it’s just
so full. So many families I love here. So many things happen every
day, how could I even convey all of it?

Of course, I still struggle at times. During district meeting, I was
just sad, and upset. But we had a roleplay about the Book of Mormon,
and Sister Hargadon reminded me just how powerful the Book of Mormon
is, how it keeps us safe. How we can turn to it in any moment, to
fight temptation, discouragement, sadness. And I’ve seen the power of
that lately, where it’s not even necessarily what I’m reading, but the
way it makes me feel. I’ve found that it’s given me such greater power
and more of a sincere desire in sharing the Book of Mormon.

We had interviews with President Andersen this past week too. It was
so good. I felt really honest with him about how I’ve been feeling,
how I feel about my mission. And he in return gave me sincere, truly
inspired advice and encouragement. I don’t know what will happen for
my last transfer…we find out this Saturday. Pray for me please!

Let it be known that missions are hard, I am not the perfect
missionary, but I love my mission so much. When I rely on my Savior,
when I have faith in Him and continually pray to my Heavenly Father,
that’s when I truly see how I blessed I am to be on a mission, and how
much I truly truly love it.

Hermana Rachel Knecht


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