Love; It’s the Most Important Thing

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April 29, 2014 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

Master, the tempest is raging! The next three days are supposed to be
storm-filled, and I woke up this morning in a delusional state because
of the dream I had about tornados. A safety plan/checklist is now in
the works in hopes that my dream won’t predict the future, which I
don’t think it will because we definitely don’t live in a trailer. But
our apartment is on the top floor, and there’s a tree right next to
our balcony. So if lightning strikes it, pretty sure our party pad is
going down.

Anyways, it was a GREAT first week of the transfer. Here’s what happened:

Lunes: Well, I actually can’t remember what happened. The sisters
dropped us off in a neighborhood, our appointment cancelled, tried a
few other people, not much success. And after a whole transfer, we
finally took the bus!! It was great. I love the Nashville MTA. So much
life and love in a public transportation system. And a good lesson
with Alejandra and Joshua. He’s the 14 year old. We taught them the
rest of the first lesson, the First Vision. Such a cool experience. He
said that he felt different, in a good way, when he read and prayed
about the pamphlet. We gave him a Book of Mormon, and although it’s
been hard to get back in since then, hopefully we’ll have a lesson

Martes: Mission-wide transfer meeting. Brother Dan Clark, one of
Sister Ayre’s good family friends, who is an inspirational speaker,
came and spoke to us. It was really, really good. I was sitting up in
the choir, and had left my notebook down in the pews, so I didn’t get
to take notes. Which is probably a good thing, because then I was able
to internalize more of it and just really enjoy and feel what he was
speaking about. My biggest impression from everything he said: put
your heart into everything you do, most importantly, your mission.
It’s okay if it breaks. Also, we watched the Restoration with Fidela.
It went really well, and we asked her to pray about it. We called her
the next day to follow up, she had prayed about, felt really good
about it, and we haven’t been able to get in contact with her since.
Disappointing but we haven’t given up!

Miercoles: We were so tired for some reason! We maneuvered the bus
system, felt really proud of ourselves, and thankful. After a long
afternoon, we went back home for dinner, got out a little bit late
because we were trying to figure out the bus system. But as we were
walking out, this woman waved at us. She was so friendly, and we
didn’t know who she was. We went over to talk to her, and she told us
that she had seen us before around the apartment complex and knew that
she would see us again, that we were angels! She was so sweet. Her
name was Patrice. We simply thought it would be a nice referral for
the sisters, when we asked her if she had time now to watch a video.
She said yes, gladly welcomed us in, and we watched Because of Him. It
was so powerful, and the tears just flowed from everyone. She wanted
to introduce us to her eleven year old son who was sleeping in his
bedroom. She went back to look for him, couldn’t find him, and we all
panicked. A neighbor came home, saw the situation and started to help
look for him. Sister Rich and I stayed outside of the apartment to
watch over it and to see if he would come back there. We prayed we
could find him soon. Patrice came back five or ten minutes later with
Everrett and her older son Patrick. He had gone looking for his
brother Patrick and was over by the basketball court. Patrice was so
grateful, and unexpectedly invited her children and neighbor to watch
Because of Him. “You have to watch it!”. So we watched it again, with
everyone! It was such a cool experience and we hope that they’re
receptive to the sisters.

Then we had a lesson with Mario and Leticia and Hermana Reyes. They
were sweet, but pretty much dropped us. It was disappointing, but we
still had faith in them. Hermana Reyes also told us that one of the
investigators that we were planning to teach Thursday was ready for
baptism. They’re a part member family, so Hermana Reyes had known her
for years, and told us that she just felt like and had faith that now
was the time.

Jueves: Highlight, during companionship study, Sister Rich and I had a
really spiritual experience. We both separately asked Heavenly Father
about two of our investigators, and when they should be baptized. We
came back together, wrote it down on a piece of paper, showed each
other, and we had the exact same dates for both of the investigators,
including the one that Hermana Reyes was telling us about. So with
faith, we taught her for the first time that night, extended the
baptismal invitation, and I extended a DIFFERENT date. Completely
unknowingly, and not on purpose. I was so surprised when Hermana Rich
talked to me about it after the lesson. I had had no idea! We are so
curious to see how Heavenly Father works this one out!

Viernes: Gladys got baptized! One of the Elders’ long time
investigators was finally baptized by her husband who had been
baptized just a few weeks before. She is so amazing, they both are.
She bore her testimony and it was just such a beautiful baptism. She
was so grateful that we could be there, even though we didn’t teach
her. She said she was so grateful for our support, that she needed it
too. And I felt so blessed.

Sabado: Quite a few fallen through plans, but it was a fun day. Sister
Penrod was on exchanges with us because her companion was in her old
area for a baptism, while Sister Penrod stayed in the area for their
own baptism that afternoon! We took her to see Linda, it was such a
good though short lesson, and she committed to come to church! Then,
while at a gas station (miracle we made it to a gas station, we had
procrastinated filling up), we met William, who recognized us as some
sort of religious representatives, said he was looking for a church to
bless his baby in, and was just so cool. He’s a song writer or artist
or something, future rap star. We had such a good conversation, gave
him a pamphlet and Book of Mormon, and the sisters are now in touch
with him. So cool! And we saw the Cortes family that night. We’ve been
at a loss of how to help them progress, so we watched Because of Him
and asked them to write or draw in their study journals something that
they have been blessed with because of Christ and something they can
do to follow Christ. It was so so sweet. I love that family.

Domingo: We were positive that two families were going
to come to church! And they didn’t. And we were devastated. But right
before the sacrament, we got a text from Mario saying that they were
coming to church. What?! They had just dropped us?! And they came. And
stayed for all three hours. It was truly amazing. Heavenly Father
works in mysterious ways. And we are so happy for their family, and
waiting to know what to do next.

So dear family and friends, that was a little glimpse into my week.
I’m learning more about love, and how important it is. It’s the most
important thing. More important than what I do as a missionary, is who
I become.

Love you all so much!

Hermana Rachel Knecht


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