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April 29, 2014 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

Happy Earth Day tomorrow! Spring makes it easy to love the Earth,
especially here in Tennessee. And I hope that everyone had a wonderful
Easter. We spent all day yesterday in Columbia, TN. The choir sang in
two sacrament meetings and then in a Presbyterian church. It was a
really nice Easter, I forgot how much I love singing in a choir,
especially religious music. And I got to be with Hermana Knight all
day! It was a good Easter.

Also, Hermana Rich and I are staying together for the fourth transfer!
So, I pretty much get companions for just a transfer or for four,
there are really no other options. Anyways, we’re excited to
still be living with the other sisters and to be here in
Goodlettsville and in the Madison branch. So many good things just
awaiting us and the people here.

Monday we had dinner with the sweetest family ever. The Ramirez family
is in our branch, and they just recently got sealed maybe a year or
two ago. They have three adorable boys. And we ate so many garnachas?
What are they called? Yummy taco things. We shared an Easter message
and hid some eggs for the kids to find. And then the boys hid them for
us to find! So sweet.

Tuesday. Heavenly Father has such a way of leading us to people,
through our feeble efforts. We didn’t have the car, so we decided to
walk to one of the few members that lives in Goodlettsville. So we
walked, under the freeway, past the Dollar General headquarters, and
behind a motel. And he pulled up right as we got there! Didn’t really
have time to talk. So we got his number, tried to set up another time
and knocked a few doors on the way back. We met a great guy named Ken
who had worked on one of the church buildings, and was open to
learning. Referral for the sisters! So we walked back, a little
discouraged, when we decided to knock one more door. Nobody answered,
and we realized we had knocked on the door to like a sun room. So we
walked to another side of the house to knock, when Linda walked out
with her adorable baby Luis with curly hair and cute little girl
Delsey with a tiny puppy! She let us in! So we introduced the
Restoration pamphlet, set up a time to come back the next day. She’s
from Mexico, but grew up in Madison. We came back, taught the
Restoration. It was going so well, and we asked her if she would pray
to know that it was true. She said no…which left us a little
speechless until she said, “no, because I already know it’s true, why
would anyone lie to me about this? And I’ve already heard this before.
About thirteen years ago some hermanas came and visited with us, one
was from California and the other was from Massachusetts. We loved
them, took pictures with them before they left. But then we lost
contact”. It was so cool. So we committed her to pray about baptism,
went by a few days later to introduce the Book of Mormon and Hermana
Rich went by yesterday and met the husband when I was in Columbia. She
said he was really cool so we’re excited to teach the whole family.

We also went and saw Mario and Leticia with Hermana Reyes. We
explained they needed some more help understanding the Restoration, so
the returned missionary inside of her came out and taught the whole
thing over again. It was exactly what they needed, we
think. We’ll see them soon this week.

Also, little miracle, we met a less active while we were with another
less active, who we had been trying to see forever. She was so sweet,
we set up a time to see her and watched the Because of Him video. Her
second son had died a few years ago when he was only three months old.
It was such a good video to watch with her. We pray she’ll come to
church soon.

Wednesday, we saw Fidela! We taught her the Restoration, and her less
active cousin Mario sat in too. It went so well. The Spirit was there
and we could see a light in Mario. Fidela is so special and looking
for the Gospel. She reads the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets and is
just so great. We went to dinner with them on Friday to a Mexican
restaurant and it was so fun. They’re so good to us and are just such
good people. I know that Fidela will get baptized!

Thursday! Unexpected exchange with the Franklin sisters. Unexpected in
the sense that both Sister Rich and I went up there and we just did
double the work in Franklin. Sister Thelin drove us up that night.
McDonalds run and Nashville Tribute Band cd and good conversation with
Sister Thelin. So much good. The exchange was so good too. I was with
Sister Tuialii. She’s fantastic. She’s from New Zealand and just so
great. She just had such a calm confidence in herself and in Heavenly
Father. We saw some great people, including one of their investigators
who we discovered is already a member! Crazy. And a beautiful lesson
with such a beautiful person, Tammy. She showed us pictures
of her beautiful children, and then when she was a cheerleader in high
school. It was a good lesson, the Spirit was definitely there. Going
on exchanges always helps me recognize just how much I love teaching
and how much I love being with the sisters in our zone.

And Samantha got baptized on Saturday! She was the Goodlettsville
sisters’ investigator, but had been taught by a lot of sisters,
including Hermana Rich and I for a transfer when there weren’t any
sisters in Madison and she moved up there from Antioch. She’s so
special, has such a great story, and looked so beautiful in white!

Later we went to the park with the Cortes family. They had come to the
White House Ward’s Easter activity, and we were in the building for
Samantha’s baptism, so they invited us to go to the park with them for
lunch. We went, gave the kids CTR rings, well Haz Lo Justo rings, and
enjoyed the beautiful day with some of our favorite people. It was good
to see the whole family at the activity.

And then Easter Sunday. The whole week, we had been watching Because
of Him with everyone, and on my own because I just love it so much. I
can’t even describe the way the Spirit has touched me this past week
because of that video. I truly have felt the enabling power of the
Atonement and the hope and reassurance of new beginnings and
repentance. Clean slate, no such thing as the end. The Atonement and
the resurrection are the most beautiful things in the whole world. I
wish I had more time to put into words just how strongly I feel. The
simple words, the way they were phrased in the video, meant so much.
I’ve always been moved by words, and they’ve always had such a strong
effect on me. Amazing how words turn into feelings and thoughts and
they turn into action. Those simple words in the video gave me, and I
hope so many others, hope and peace and strength. Such a beautiful
inspired video, and so much more than just a video.

Well, love you all so much, thank you for you letters, emails, and
packages! It means so much.

Hermana Knecht


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