Happy Easter Week!


April 17, 2014 by sisterrachelknecht

Dearest family and friends,

I am grateful for this beautiful week we have ahead of us. I have
grown to love Easter. My second Easter on my mission and I feel
especially blessed to be a representative of the Savior. I’ve been
reading through all of the conference talks, and I am anxious to study
“Christ the Redeemer” by Elder Carlos Amado.

This morning, we sang some Primary songs about Easter. There is just
so much doctrine and truth in the Children’s songbook! Basically
everything you need to know can be found in those songs. I loved “On a
Golden Springtime”, about a seed growing, Christ’s resurrection, and
the First Vision. I love this quote too:

President Joseph F. Smith: “The greatest event that has ever occurred
in the world since the resurrection of the Son of God from the tomb,
and his ascension on high, was the coming of the Father and of the Son
to that boy Joseph Smith, to prepare the way for the laying of the
foundation of [God’s] kingdom–not the kingdom of man–never more to
cease nor to be overturned”.

We have the full, glorious truth! And so much of it occurred and was
restored at this time of year. I have always loved summer the most,
but spring has meant so much to me lately.

Yesterday we sang in an Easter missionary choir fireside. It was a
really good experience, and we have three more firesides on Sunday. I
sang with the choir, “I Stand All Amazed”. More than anything, I’ve
tried to focus on the words I’m singing, not necessarily how I sound.
I’m really looking forward to Sunday!

Well, this past week was busy busy, but so good. Missions are the best.

Zhuy and Venezia, the sweetest girls. We taught the first lesson, and
committed Zhuy to be baptized May 3rd! Venezia is so supportive, and
we just love them both so much. There are so many children 9 and up
who aren’t baptized in our branch, and in coordination with the branch
council and primary president, we’ve decided on May 3rd as a baptismal
service for as many as those children who want to be baptized. I have
so much faith that these sweet children will be the driving force in
reactivating their families. There are three or four children who are
already being taught by the missionaries, and we’re so grateful that
the branch is so proactive with these part member families.

Went on exchanges with Sister Rawlings, serving in Lebanon, love her.
She’s like Legally Blonde missionary. She would totally approve of me
saying that. She loves pink and knows how to work. We walked a ton.
Gypsy, who is now a branch missionary and preparing to go on a
mission, came with us to a lesson. She was such a great teacher and I
hope it was a good experience for her.

Next day was zone meeting. Love my zone! All pretty mellow, but
focused and hardworking. Later that day, Hermana Rich and I were
trying to contact some potentials in this great trailer park here in
Goodlettsville. They weren’t home. So we remembered this door we had
knocked awhile ago, merely because we liked the cute little diva frog
stickers on their car, and we could smell yummy food cooking.
So we went back to it, knocked three times, and we’re about to leave.
But Hermana Rich and I both got the feeling we should leave something
anyways. So as she was writing a note on a pass along card, the cutest
young mom opened the door! She was so friendly, and her adorable 1
year old daughter Kendra was so smiley and talkative. She had only
been in the US for about a year, and only lived in that trailer for
about two months. She’s from Mexico, can’t remember where. But she was
so open to a return appointment. We came back for it and she had
forgotten about it, so we made sure to text her and set up another
appointment. Excited though. She wants her husband to be there, which
is awesome.

Then we taught Fidela, who we found in Hendersonville because her
cousin is a member and is on the Hendersonville ward’s list. She’s
living with him temporarily until she moves into her trailer just a
few streets over. She was so sweet, told us we could come back later
that night. So we did and she had read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet
I had given her on exchanges a week ago or so! Oh it was so cool. We
taught her the whole lesson, gave her a Restoration pamphlet and we’re
going back this week.

Some other highlights from the week include exchanges with the sisters
we live with. sister Hargadon worked in our area with me. She’s so
good at contacting people on the street, which I’ve definitely lost
practice at because it’s been cold and nobody is outside. But Saturday
was beautiful. We were out by 10, because she didn’t have to do
training with her comp and I opted not to do language study…I
definitely need to so I’ll repent for that. But it was so nice to be
out that early, work, and then come back for lunch later in the
afternoon. We met quite a few great families, including one who we
went back to yesterday and the 14 year old girl was so sweet and
excited to learn more. We taught the first lesson to Alejandra and her
stepson Josh, who live on the street out apartments are on! We have a return
appointment for this week. It was such a good lesson and sweet Josh
choked up talking about the power of prayer. Sister Hargadon did such
a great job connecting with him and helping this 14 year old boy
really feel the spirit.

One of Sister Hargadon’s investigators had invited them to go to mass,
so we went and I really enjoyed it. There’s so much truth in every
religion. It was the mass for Palm Sunday, we went on Saturday
evening, so it was a really good experience. I loved the handbell
choir they had, of course.

Then Sunday! Church, dinner with our branch president and his family,
and then choir. Kim Barnes drove us and the Hendy sisters to choir. We
just love her, and it’s great to hear her post mish perspective.

Oh family. I can’t even describe to you how much happens in a day, in
a week. Really, I hope my emails and journal are a tiny little
snapshot into my everyday life, but I don’t think they do it justice
at all. Maybe we’ll just replay it in heaven? I don’t know if it works
like that. And of course there are hard times everyday I don’t want to
relive, but I am learning so much about faith and learning to move
forward. Finding strength through moving forward with faith in Christ.

Love you all more than you know!

Hermana Rachel Knecht


One thought on “Happy Easter Week!

  1. Jeran Urrutia says:

    I really enjoy reading your letters. Your happiness jumps right off the page…l mean right off the monitor. So I smile and keep a prayer in my heart for you and the folks you come in contact with. I’ve come to know missionary work is sacred work. Happy Easter!

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