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April 12, 2014 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear friends and family,

Sorry that this email is coming so late. We had a little bit of a
crazy day. Choir, pick up a violin for one of the sisters, lunch at
Panera with Sister Abernathy (we love her so much!), and then shopping
for days…. Stores are so weird, why do we just go inside, see
things, and then buy them? A few of the talks this past weekend made
me really think about downsizing, things that I can do without, and
the things that are really important.

Any good week in the mission is bound to be full of emotions and highs
and lows, and this past week wasn’t any different! EXCEPT IT WAS.
CONFERENCE. It’s amazing how much spiritual satisfaction I got this
past week as we were able to listen to the prophet, the apostles, and
other leaders of the church. I’m so excited to read the conference
talks again.

Tuesday: Feels like forever ago. We were getting ready for MLC when
Sister Rich said she found more bites on her (she has already found
three a few weeks earlier). Bed bugs. So we all started freaking out
and Sister Hargadon pulled up my mattress, only to find a ton of
little black bugs!! AHHH. I quickly started up the washer, got ready
to take a scorching shower, when they said “April Fools!”. Isn’t that
funny? No, initially not. It was eventually funny. They were chia
seeds. Cleverrrr.

MLC was really good. It was so good to see everyone, especially Sister
Ayre! Love that girl. Some really good trainings were given as well,
Book of Mormon, our AP who is going home this transfer gave one on
obedience, teaching by the Spirit.The night was pretty uneventful, our
ride canceled on us, so we walked over to a nearby trailer park and
nobody was home, but we talked to some sweet ladies outside from El
Salvador and Mexico.

Wednesday: Exchanges with Sister Cotton! Love her. She’s been in
Hendersonville for the past 4 transfers. She’s such a hard worker, and
they have 7 baptismal dates set right now! We taught the first lesson
to a man they had barely met a few weeks before. He was a church
headquarters referral. It was a really really cool experience. And
Sister Cotton is such a great missionary, it was so good to work with
her and I learn so much from her.

Jueves: We taught one of the ladies we had met on Tuesday, and it
didn’t go great. We did everything we could to create a spiritual
atmosphere, but she just wasn’t interested. We’re not really sure if
we’ll continue to go back, but maybe we’ll give her another try. We
did meet a wonderful family though, that lives on the street that our
apartments are off of. I’ve been wanting to knock that door forever.
The daughter was a little shy, kinda wary, but the mom pulled up as we
were about to leave and we talked to her a little about the
Restoration and prophets and General Conference. She told us that that
morning, she had been talking to her husband about prophets! So cool.
She said she’s really busy, so we’ll go back and try soon. We then had
dinner with Hermana Robles, who is SO SO good to us. She’s an angel.
And then we went out that night with Sister Hadley, the branch
president’s wife. She’s so great. She served a mission in San Jose,
CA. We went and visited the sweetest girls ever. They’re 15 and 9, and
the 9 year old is ADORABLE. We talked to them about General Conference,
and times when they had felt the Spirit. The Spirit was so strong, I
just love them and want to help them so badly.

Viernes: Dinner with the Ponce family. The father and the daughter are
baptized, and the mom wants to get baptized!! They recently moved back
here from Kansas. She wants to get baptized along with her son who is 8.
They also have another son who is 4 and he is a DOLL. So cute. Poncecito!
That’s what they call him. We’re excited to help them set a date for all
of this to happen.

Sabado: General Conference. How can I even sum it up? Favorite talk,
or at least one of them…President Eyring. A heritage of hope. Wasn’t
that fantastic? And then afternoon session…Elder Nelson. And Elder
Scott, it’s a tie. They were all so good, I can’t choose.

And so cool, that night, we didn’t have the car, and our plans all
fell through, so we decided to have the sisters drop us off at a
members home. Their daughter should be getting baptized this year, so
we wanted to help them feel prepared. It had been a while since we had
been able to get in with them, so we decided we would try. Well, when
we knocked on the door, we realized they had probably already
moved…and we were right. So we knocked on the next door neighbor’s
door, who we knew were Cuban. We taught the first lesson to Rosie and
Adonai, aunt and nephew. It was such a good first lesson, and the Spirit
was there. They were so sincere, and even though we had a hard time
understanding their Spanish at first, I know the Spirit helped us!
She was so so sweet, and Dad, she lived in Spain for awhile! She was
so sweet as to give us a ride home too, because it was really dark and
walking home on the busy road was a really dumb idea. She was so much fun,
and I feel so blessed that we met them. We have an appointment for
next Saturday but we’ll stop by before then.

Domingo: We watched the first session in Spanish because Mario and his
family came! You know, the one with three boys!! Oh it was so
wonderful. Luckily we had coloring books and snacks for them. What an
incredible opportunity, for them to hear the prophet. We had a lesson
later with them that night, and it went well. We taught them how to
pray. Leticia, his wife, is so patient and so quiet and kind. I love her.
I pray that things will continue to progress with their family.

And it was Sister Hargadon’s birthday! Thanks so much Mom for sending
some party supplies. We had an at home party and a party inbetween
sessions at the Abernathy’s home (stake president). All of the
missionaries in this area were invited, encouraged to bring
investigators and members. A part member family came! They were so
cute, and did the best they could to speak some English. Luckily
Sister Abernathy served a Spanish speaking mission in San Diego, so
she helped them feel comfortable. Angeles (the member) helped out
right away with getting dinner and cake all ready, and Rene (her
husband who isn’t a member) socialized. And Israel their son was
adorable as ever. The Abernathy family is so wonderful, I am so
grateful for them!

And that was our week! It was a great week. I sure miss you all so
much, and I know it won’t be long before I’m home again. But I’m doing
my best to work so hard and to love the people here so much. I hope
you all have the best week ever.

Hermana Knecht


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