All Will Be Well!

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April 3, 2014 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

Another crazy week! What’s new? Time is passing by so fast. Seriously,
I feel like I blink and a week has gone by. Luckily, any sort of trial
or “fiasco” slows things down, and we’ve been blessed with lots of
those learning experiences. Also learning that not everything is a
crisis, things can be fixed, all will be well!

The sun is finally shining and trees are blooming! And we are on our
way to choir in Green Hills, one of the ritzier parts of Nashville. We
just passed the Nashville skyline and I’m again aware that I am in
Tennessee. Sometimes I wonder why I got called here, Spanish speaking.
An apostle looked at my photo, over a year ago, and received the
revelation that this mission was where the Lord needed me and where I
needed to be. I recently received a letter from a friend who asked his
mission president one day why he was called to that specific mission.
His mission president responded, “because it’s where you are being
sanctified”. How could I have known that this was where I would be
sanctified, with all of these specific challenges and blessings?
Obviously, I wouldn’t have known. I know it’s a life long process, but
I’m so grateful that I’m learning so much so quickly and I pray I’ll
be able to learn all that He needs me to learn.

Also, I’m sitting in a salon waiting for my companion to get her hair
done, and it’s probably the best place to talk to people about the
gospel. Because that’s what these ladies do all day, talk to people!
So friendly, so sweet, regardless of misconceptions about Mormons.
Also, they’re listening to a Christian radio station. So keep that in
mind y’all, talk to your hairdresser about the gospel.

This week…

We had a wonderful Monday night. No car, so we walked on a really
really busy main street…in the dark. Probably not going to do that
again but it was an adventure. And worth it, because we finally met
with this sweet member. She’s really young, two young boys. We
talked to her about the Book of Mormon, shared a scripture, and it
really touched her. She even posted about it on Facebook! She was
really excited to have us back.

Tuesday night, I dyed Sister Rich’s hair and really messed it up. Um,
I did highlights on Sister Ayre twice back in the day and it looked
good. Okay, note to self and everyone else in the world, I need to go
to hair school, so we had a hair fiasco. But more on that later…we
had a really good first lesson with this young girl who came to
church. She has an adorable son and her mother in law is a member.
She’s our age, which is really cool. Praying for all to work out well
with that. And we had a lesson in the freezing cold wind with a single
man, because we can’t teach him inside. Luckily we can teach the
Restoration really concisely and pretty well. So it went well.
Committed him to baptism but he needs to learn more, he says.

So hair fiasco continued, we were supposed to go on exchanges with the
sisters in Bowling Green, but because of the hair fiasco I ended up
going to Bowling Green and Sister Rich stayed here to get it emergency
done by a lady in White House Ward. Which, again was a huge blessing,
because the sister that Sister Rich went with also had had a hair
fiasco on Monday and had been praying for help. Of course, we had no
idea. Sister Curtis, who is still in training, told me and we were
both so excited and amazed at how Heavenly Father answers our prayers.
So Sister Allphin got her hair done by the woman in White House Ward
too! And the exchange with Sister Curtis was so fun. She’s my age and
is just so bubbly. We had lots of giggly fun.

Zone conference! It was really fun. It was really all that we learned
at MLC so it was really good to hear it again and learn new things.
Later that night we had a really good lesson with Moises, another
single man. We were talking to our branch second counselor about the
number of single men we’re teaching, and I made it very clear that
we’re trying to be really smart and careful. He said that maybe what
the branch needs is some energy, from young strong priesthood holders.
I’m trusting The Lord on this one! The lesson went really well, as it
did with Victor the following day with the branch second counselor.
He made such an effort to be on time to the appointment even though
he had to rush to his second job. It was impressive.

Then we met with a sweet member from Venezuela who wants to be
sealed in the temple to her returned missionary husband and young
daughter. So special, so sweet, and she came to the General Women’s
conference and church as well.

We had two great lessons with this family that has been to church
once, and our branch mission leader came with us. We taught the first
lesson, the Book of Mormon, and pray that things will progress with
them. They have three adorable sons, Ricky, Cristofer, and Elvis. So
so cute!

And the General Women’s Conference. Did you not just cry the whole
time? I did. I love the gospel so much. Watching those moms and
daughters hold hands in the choir was so cute and made me miss you

Well, this letter is already so long, but I’m so excited for General
Conference. I pray for you all, and I know that you pray for me.

Love you,

Hermana Rachel Knecht


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