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March 18, 2014 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

Transfers! Hermana Rich and I are getting transferred to
Goodlettsville to do Spanish work! We’ll just be in the Madison branch, we’re staying
together, and we’re staying in Madison stake! (I just wanted to point that
out because I’ll hit a year in the Madison stake/zone, I just love love love
this stake so much!). The Elders serving in Goodlettsville will swap us and stay
together and they’ll serve in Springfield. We won’t be doing any English work,
because the Goodlettsville ward is getting sisters that we’ll be living with!
It should be so much fun, and I’m so excited to get things rolling now that we
live close to the members. Transfers are always crazy, and I’ve got lots of packing to
do, but I’m really really excited. I’ll definitely miss the White
House Ward a lot, they were so good to us, and we got to work with so
many people there, but we’ll still see them at the stake center on
Sundays 🙂 perks of just moving a few towns over!

This week:

We were snowed in on Monday! Okay the snow wasn’t that bad at all, but
the ice was, and our landlord told us that we’d probably make it down
our steep driveway from the apartment complex, but probably not back
up. So we tracted our apartment complex for the night.

We braved the icy streets (really, our zone leaders thought we were
crazy, because it had melted like everywhere else in the zone except
for Springfield…) and had a great lesson with a family. We
met the husband, and sat and talked with him for awhile.
We were really surprised at how interested he was in the gospel
as we watched the Restoration movie with him, their daughter, 9 and their son, 18.
It went so well. He was so sincere. He was a farmer in Honduras, so I
think he really felt a connection to Joseph Smith. And…we committed
them to pray about being baptized April 6th! The father was very eager to set up a
return appointment for Tuesday (his only day off) and we assured him
we would be back. We will now live 30 minutes away…but we’ll make it
up there somehow! We’ve got to! Praying really hard that they’ll come
to church, and be baptized soon!

We also had a great lesson with the Cortes family. I just love them!
The Elders will now visit them, but luckily, Sister Cortes’s mom is a
member of the Spanish branch (and they live in her house with her) so
we can come and visit them!! 🙂

We had two great lessons with Kalie and Cyrell this week. I love them
so much. They are just both spiritually maturing so much and I feel
blessed to be a tiny part of this conversion process. We taught the
Plan of Salvation again, and then Word of Wisdom, but really focused
on overcoming the natural man. Cyrell had so many good comments, and
really desires to reach his potential as a son of God. He said it all,
we didn’t! They came to church, and we were able to take some cute
pictures together, I’ll definitely miss them!

We’ve also been teaching a woman, who will now be
taught by the Goodlettsville sisters. She’s been taught for a few
months, is so excited about getting baptized.
But, we had a great lesson where she took out her tongue ring in
the middle of the lesson when we explained about our bodies being temples!
She’s the one that brought it up, we didn’t even have a chance to talk
to her about it! She’s so great.

And yesterday, our only Hispanic member in Springfield came to church
with her kids and Luz, the young woman we’ve been teaching! It was so
so cool to see her there, and we were soooo happy to see Luz there!
We pray that she’ll be baptized soon. We’ll be sure to see them at least once
a week too, like the Ortiz family. We just love them!

Oh family, I love my mission. I am so grateful for it and I just want
to work hard! I know that I have, and I have faith that Heavenly
Father will show me miracles. And that I can be an instrument in His
hands. The gospel is so true!

Hermana Knecht


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