I Am So Blessed!


March 8, 2014 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

Lessons learned this week:

First lesson, write in your journal. I’ve been really good about
writing in my journal my whole mission. But it seems to have slipped
my mind the first few days of the week and now I’m really struggling
to remember what I learned. But here’s the gist of it:

Monday: Cena con la familia Martinez. Son conversos de casi 5 anos.
Es una familia bien bonita y animada para compartir el
evangelio. Me hizo sentir animada para pensar que quizas podriamos
servir mas cerca de los miembros de la rama.

Also, we went to Nashville and that was really fun. Lesson learned,
Brooke Becker is so much fun and I want to be as fun as her when I
grow up. (She’s the member who took us, she’s so great, shout out to
Sister Becker!). I just loved carrying around a Book of Mormon (as
usual) because I realized that my mission is probably the only time in
my life where every picture will be showcasing the Book of Mormon,
rather than just me posing next to like the biggest ball of yarn in
the world.

Tuesday: I can help other missionaries feel joy in the work! I went on
exchanges here with Sister Boren. She’s serving in Lebanon, and has
only been out a few transfers. She’s training too, and whitewashed the
Elders in Lebanon. Basically, she’s got a lot on her plate. She’s such
a great sister and I loved getting to know her. She left a sweet note
on my teddy bear (Buckley, the blue, 85% organic teddy bear that
doubles as a thermal pack. Thanks Aunt Lu, seriously one of the best
gifts I’ve ever received) that thanked me for helping her feel joy in
the work. I remember being in her shoes, and I remember feeling such a
weight and burden on my shoulders. So, I’m grateful that
through my experiences, I was able to help her feel joy in the work,
if even just for a day.

We also had a really good first lesson with that family from Honduras,
well the mom and the daughter. They’re really sweet.

Wednesday: I’ve just come to love teaching, and I feel blessed that
Heavenly Father has stretched and strengthened my abilities. Just one
example, our branch president’s wife doesn’t speak Spanish so we’re
starting to teach her Spanish. We did it at the church after district
meeting and it was so much fun. It was a really good learning
experience for me. Sister Rich said that she thinks I would be a good
MTC teacher. Definitely made me think, but I’m not sure what Heavenly
Father has in store for me! Anyways, she bore her testimony on Sunday
and it was so sweet. She did so great.

Thursday: Interviews with President Andersen. It went well, I feel
like President Andersen just knows me. I’m sure lots of missionaries
feel that same way because he’s definitely in tune with the Spirit and
so humble. I prepared with some questions in mind, and it just
testified to me that Heavenly Father knows what I need so much better
than I do. What I’m determined to do the rest of my mission: involve
The Lord in all that I do, invite the Spirit in all that I do, commit
and testify boldly, especially of the Book of Mormon, and have faith
that miracles will happen even through the last week of my mission.
And don’t compare myself to others!! This is my mission! And this is
the Lord’s work, so He’ll qualify me.

We were also able to have dinner and go to a lesson with Kim Barnes,
she just got back from her mission. Ah, she’s just so great, I think I
wrote about her last week. We had a good lesson, and one of our
investigators told us that he’s just had the desire to be better, he’s
been praying more often (at least every day and more than that)!
It was so amazing to hear him bear his testimony (he probably had
no idea he was bearing his testimony!) of how the gospel has changed
him and his desires.

I know that I have Friday and Saturday left to tell about, oh Sunday
too, but this is getting to be a long email! Haha. Well…highlights:

We invited the family from Honduras to be baptized!! We taught them
the whole Restoration, invited them to be baptized, and then showed a
Bible video of Christ being baptized. It was really special, and they
seemed so genuine and excited to be baptized. Again, it was only the
mom and the daughter, but she told us she would pray about it with her
family, and then plan to go to church next Sunday. It was hard to tell
if they were comprehending all of it, but the mom basically taught us
about Joseph Smith! (We had taught her from Joseph Smith to the Book
of Mormon the first time we went over). Ahhh, April 6th, we pray that
they’ll be baptized. She even told us that she thinks her grandpa was
a member of the church. We’re going over on Tuesday when the dad will
be home so that we can teach all of them together finally.

We went to dinner with Sister Bennett to Cracker Barrel and I finally
had chicken fried chicken (no mistake, that’s what it’s called).
I finished almost all of it, but left some for the angels (thank you
Dolly Parton) and I was very full. Very full and happy. Then we went
to the Cortes family’s. We showed them this video from the District 2
about the Robles family. Their families are very similar, and I just
cried and cried because I felt so grateful to be “their missionaries”.
As soon as they can, they’ll go to church as a family. He’ll take his
lunches on Sundays to go to church. I can see the temple in their near
future, and Danny being baptized. I just love their family!

I’m so grateful to be a missionary. I’ve just been getting so
teary-eyed these days thinking about how grateful I am to be serving.
I’ve especially been so grateful for my testimony of the Restoration.
I know that Joseph Smith was chosen to be a prophet, and that Christ
restored His gospel through him. I know that this is the true Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are so blessed!!

I love you! Share the gospel! It is true!

Hermana Rachel Knecht


One thought on “I Am So Blessed!

  1. Donna Suchoski says:

    You are amazing. I love your posts.

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