A Miraculous Week‏


February 9, 2014 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

It was truly a miraculous week. I feel so so blessed. If you’re thinking of going on a mission, do it. Something that Hermana Rich and I have been learning is that the moments where we feel the Spirit are truly what keep us going, making everything else worth it.
Tuesday: Dinner with a wonderful family, the Boyles, and lesson with the Cortes family. Brother Boyles served his mission in Detroit. I just love hearing about other people’s missions.
Wednesday: Sweet FHE with Melissa and her family. Melissa wanted us to teach the little kids what reverence is. We tried to remember the words to some primary songs about reverence, but we couldn’t. So we practiced being reverent. Now I think they just think that reverence is clapping really softly to the beat while Sister Rich tries to remember the words to “Reverence is Love”. That works too. We just love their family so much. She keeps bringing more of her grandkids to church, we take up a whole row. And she just got sustained as a Primary teacher. So exciting. And dinner with Kalie and Cyrell. I’m not sure if I’ve talked much about them, but Kalie is originally from Idaho. I love their sweet family so much. They really opened up to us as we talked about the Spirit, their experiences with the Spirit. We invited them to pray together as a couple every night. Cyrell said he’s noticed such difference in their home since they’ve been coming to church and meeting with the missionaries. We’re excited.
Thursday: We had a good lesson with Shani. We’ve been teaching her and her daughter, Stephanie, who is 13, and Stephanie’s friend Chelsea who is living with them and is 18. We taught about the nature of God, who are Heavenly Father is and our relationship to Him. It went really well. I really really like them.
Friday: We had a church tour with the Cortes family. It was so simple, but we prepared with scriptures and pictures. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end) in different rooms of the church. It was such a sweet experience, probably one of my favorite memories of my mission so far. We taught faith and repentance in the Primary room, baptism in the room with the baptismal font (which Daniel said he was actually baptized in. So amazing), the gift of the Holy Ghost and the sacrament in the chapel, and enduring to the end and eternal families in the Relief Society room. We sang “Families Can Be Together Forever” at the end. It was so sweet. They’re working on moving their work schedule around so that they can come to church as a family. I just love them.
We also watched a regional broadcast from Memphis about hastening the work of salvation in our area. Elder L. Tom Perry spoke along with some other general authorities. It was FANTASTIC. Really really good. One thing that I loved, is that they focused on families. Teaching families, and making sure we fulfill our purpose as missionaries, which includes helping others endure to the end.
Saturday: It was a gorgeous day. We talked to lots of people because we would park our car and then walk around the block to our appointments. Reminded me of summer, especially of how easy it was in the summer to talk to people outside. I loved it. We parked our car down the street from a family we wanted to contact, but they weren’t there, so we decided to walk several streets over to a part-member’s home. As we walked down one of the streets, I saw some bikes and toys on the front porch of a home. It looked like they liked to play outside, which I thought was fun, probably had little kids, and two cars were home, so we decided to knock their door (yeah, that’s my reasoning. Not like a huge prompting or anything). We knocked, and a young guy wearing lots of Alabama stuff asked us who we were, we explained, and he let us in. He let us in. That like never happens. So we walked into their beautiful home, with lots of pictures on the wall of their wedding, kids. His wife then came out and introduced herself. She was so cute and so nice. They moved here from Alabama about three years ago, have two little boys, grew up with different religions, but were looking for a church. We asked if we could share a message, they said of course, we opened with a prayer, introduced the Restoration, and invited them to read the pamphlet and to read the introduction of the Book of Mormon. They asked some really good questions, we set up a return appointment, and closed with a prayer. They were so open. It was truly a miracle. The only door we knocked on that street on the way to another house. Sweet family.
And then we had a lesson with our ward mission leader and Kalie and Cyrell. We taught about faith, repentance, and baptism. The whole lessons was leading up to this moment, which you could tell Cyrell was prepared for, so when we asked him if he would like to be baptized, he said, “honestly, yes”. He had a really spiritual experience a few days earlier about baptism, he just couldn’t get it off his mind. It was such an amazing moment. The Spirit was there as he opened up about his desire to get baptized. It just felt like it opened up the floodgates! Excitement and the Spirit filled the room as we talked about what he needed to do to be prepared, and how much of a blessing it would be to his and his family’s lives. Truly a beautiful moment. I have faith that it’ll be soon, that they’ll be able to overcome any opposition. I feel so blessed to be a part of this.
Sunday: Kalie and Cyrell came, Shani, Stephanie, and Chelsea came, and Melissa brought a row full of kids. It was a good Sunday.
I received some really sweet emails as well, I just feel blessed. The gospel is so true. It will make us happy. It’s as simple as that. And something that I loved from our “Adjusting to Missionary Life Handbook”: Repentance is not just the backup plan. Repentance is the plan of happiness for everyone. I LOVE that. Repentance is the plan of happiness. It is what gives us hope, and what brings us closer to our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ.
Love love love,
Hermana Knecht

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  1. Donna Suchoski says:

    What an amazing job you are doing! I love reading your posts.

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