Lessons Learned in Springfield!

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January 27, 2014 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

I will be staying in Springfield with Hermana Rich for another transfer! I feel at peace. I’ve really forgotten about transfers for the past three, until an hour before we get the phone call. So, I’ve just kinda rolled with the punches. I have a good feeling about this coming transfer.
I now have four transfers left in the field, including this one. It’s almost February. By the way, I love Valentine’s Day. It’s mine and Hermana Rich’s favorite holiday, so we’re excited to decorate the apartment.
This past week, we had some really good lessons, some really cold days, door-knocking, and some fallen-through appointments. Here are some lessons I learned this week:
  • When Hispanic men invite you in their homes, let you teach the first lesson, and then say, “I want a woman” in response to your question about what they are looking for in life, the woman sitting next to them could actually be their cousin, and not their wife. So, “pasanse” (come in) could actually mean, “will you marry me?”. Cuidado.
  • Love who you are right now! I’m working really hard to love who I am now, and love the present.
  • Pride and seeking for the honors of men is an obstacle to faith (John 5:44). Seek to please Heavenly Father above all else, your faith will grow and strengthen.
  • Be upfront with people. Don’t be rude, but be clear, direct, and loving. I’ve had a lot of good, eye-opening, problem-resolving conversations with investigators simply by trying to be direct. Some people assume we have ulterior motives for sharing the gospel. So be honest and loving with people. We’re now going to reteach a family and see how it goes now that we’ve cleared the air. I’m excited to see how it goes.
  • Smoked sausage sticks and coloring books will keep kids quiet for the most part in sacrament meeting. I love Melissa and all her kids and grandkids. She asked us to sit with her this Sunday to kinda help her with them. It was a hoot. Emma, her granddaughter, 3 years old, saw the program with a picture of a temple on the front. She said, “can I color baby Jesus’s house?”. I LOVE IT. She gets the concept of the Lord’s house really well. I’ve tried explaining that he grew up, but she just won’t accept that.
  • Members are the key. We had a great lesson with the Cortes family and the Barron family. The Cortes family, Danny is 9 and wants to be baptized. The Barrons are a super sweet family that we love, and they went over to introduce themselves. We came over a little after they got there, and the kids were all playing! Logan, who just got baptized, was getting along so well with Danny. Sister Barron and Brother and Sister Cortes really hit it off too, it was great. We taught the 10 commandments using hand motions. It was adorable. I recorded it on my camera.
  • Also, not sure if this is a lesson learned, but I just LOVE and am so grateful for my boots everyday. The miracle boots. It’s been really really cold here, more than usual for Tennessee (supposed to be like 2 degrees tonight), so I thank Heavenly Father everyday for these boots, and also for Mom and Dad for making it all work out too.
It was a good week, even though I look over the week and it was kinda hard. Grateful that the Atonement can wash away the hurt and memories of bad or hard times, even those that aren’t that big compared to a lot of problems or trials.
Well family, love you love you. Sorry that I’m not great at emailing everyone back. I am so grateful for every email, so I definitely need to show my gratitude by being better at emailing back.
Hermana Rachel Knecht



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