A Mission Is…


January 22, 2014 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,
A mission is…[fill in the blank]. For anyone thinking of going on a mission, the only thing I want to say is that I am so grateful for it. I am grateful for the change I’ve seen in myself. I have seen change in myself, and that’s how I know Heavenly Father needs me here on a mission. He’s molding me to who I need to be.
It doesn’t mean I’ve necessarily “lost” who I was, or “found” myself. I think I just see progression. We fall back and progress all the time, but ultimately, I’m grateful for the steps I’ve taken forward. I’ve been starting a new journal with a lesson learned everyday. There is something to learn everyday. It’s a little less intimidating for me than like a “miracle journal”. So hold me to my word, and hopefully after my mission, I’ll have 6 months worth of lessons learned. To prepare me for more lessons yet to be learned.
What happened this past week?
Monday: We drove to Portland. We had dinner with a family from the Spanish branch, the Garcias. They are great, and the story of how they met is incredible. That’s going in my “stories of how people met, journal”. She’s a returned missionary, and has so many great stories. Really, it was inspiring. I’m excited to continue to work with her in the Spanish branch.
Tuesday: After, I went up to Franklin, KY for exchanges with Sister Vercillo. I love, love, love exchanges. I think they’re fantastic. Such a good opportunity to learn and to get to know one another. We focused the morning hours on finding service opportunities for them in the community, which was a great experience. And later that night, we went to a Relief Society bookmark making activity with a sister about our age. I now have a new bookmark!
Wednesday: Zone Conference. It was a really good zone conference. I’m starting to realize that I’m one of the older sisters in the mission, and that’s a weird feeling. But it was a good opportunity to really get out of my own shell and meet other sisters. Especially the ones that graduated 2013! Crazy. I also had the opportunity to sing “When All is Said and Done” from the EFY 1999 cd. Such a great cd. I remember listening to that on roadtrips. I was like 6? Wow.
Thursday: HAPPY ONE YEAR MARK TO MEEEE! And to Sister Rich as well! I can’t remember what we did to celebrate, but we met quite a few new investigators, went to Alissa’s 4th birthday at Melissa’s house, and saw a few more people, including Kalie and Cyrell. A family, with an adorable 1 year old Colt. Oh my goodness he’s such a doll. I love them. They’re so sincere in their desire to progress as a family.
Friday: Weekly planning. Dinner with a sweet family, the Bowers, lesson with a recent convert, Hector. And at 8:45, we needed gas. I went inside to use the bathroom, felt really good and confident about talking to the cashier, and gave her a pass along card. She was so excited to see us! She told us that her grandma’s friend was Mormon, that she had talked with missionaries before, and she would love a Book of Mormon! She was so so sweet, I haven’t met someone that is that excited to see us in a long time! We got her a Book of Mormon, her number, and text her to set up a return appointment. She hasn’t text us back, but we know where she works. 🙂
Saturday: A blur. Lots of people who didn’t answer their door. Lots of trying to contact members that the ward had asked us to contact. I have gotten really good at talking to random people. No. Fear.
Sunday: Church! All 6 hours! I love it. And highlight of the day, lesson with Hermana Cortes and Danny. It was just them two, and the Spirit was so strong. He said he had prayed about baptism, and got such a good, warm, tingly feeling in his stomach, but a good feeling. He wants to be baptized! He told his mom right there with us, and she was so happy. She thanked us, telling us that we were different, special, because we really cared about their family, helping them to get to church, reading the scriptures, saying prayers as a family. And they’ve been doing all of that. It was so sweet. I know it’s not me that’s special, I know it’s them that’s special, that it’s the right timing, and that the Spirit is ultimately teaching them.
Oh family, friends. Love you so much. I miss you all everyday, mostly the little things. But, I know that I’m here, trying to do what’s right, and I love it.
Love you,
Hermana Rachel Knecht


One thought on “A Mission Is…

  1. Lucille Johnston says:

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary! You’ve come a long way and have done some good work! Very proud of you!

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