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January 6, 2014 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,
I am on a mission. Does it ever hit you? It hits me a lot.
Also, I’m making it a goal to make a list of all the things that happened during the week so that my emails are more cohesive, detailed, and overall just more enjoyable to read. Writing has always been such a good way for me to express myself. So…this week:
  • New Year’s Eve. The day itself was a BUST. No one was home, but we took some pictures just for funsies sake. We knocked doors when our plans fell through, and still, no one was home. And they weren’t at Walmart or Kroger either because we used our dinner hour before we had to be in at 6:00 to buy Martinellis and some party food. Also, did you know that if you scan any barcode from any church material, you’ll get the same discount at Kroger as the Kroger Plus card. I love watching the cashier’s face when we hand them a Book of Mormon and ask them to scan it. The cashier was brand new and thought it was so cool. She was sweet and kept the pamphlet in case anyone who came through didn’t have a Kroger card. I hope that she read it too 🙂
  • So, we got home at 6:00, did some planning and then PARTIED. On my planner it said, “goodbye 2014!”. Apparently I’m ready for 2014 to be over already! Woops. We watched Mormon Messages, sipped some Martinellis, watched some other church movies, and wrote some letters.
  • We slept in until 9:20 the next morning…we didn’t plan on that, but our mission president said we could sleep in as late as we wanted! So we didn’t set an alarm, lesson learned. We felt like half our day was gone. Then we went to Madison for zone p-day!
  • After zone p-day, where we watched Monsters University (so cute!), Hermana Rich and I went on exchanges to Lebanon! I went with the new English speaking sisters there, Sister Rawlings and Sister Boren. It was so much fun. We didn’t have a car, and it was freezing, but it was fun to walk the streets of Lebanon. We knocked a lot, and we were actually welcomed in quite a few doors. We got really cold, so we went to the bathroom in Cumberland University, and then walked over to the Salazars to warm up! It was the best. I love them and it was so good to see them. ALSO, just found out yesterday that the group was made into a branch!! AHHH! So exciting. And Hermano Salazar is now Presidente Salazar. Seriously, I hope I get to go back to serve there again.
  • After dinner, we were walking around our apartment complex waiting for Sister Keel to pick us up to go out with her. We knocked a few doors, nobody wanted to let us in. Oh boy.
  • It was a great night though. Those sisters are so great. Both so young in the mission, and such hard workers and great teachers.
  • And some really great lessons with our investigators. We now have quite a few progressing. It’s taken a while, but we get so excited whenever we hear that one of them is reading the Book of Mormon, saying their prayers, etc. Flor, one of our new investigators, let us in yesterday while it was snowing. She was so sweet, even though she had to got to work at 3:00 in the morning and could have been sleeping. She told us she tried to read the Book of Mormon, struggled with it, but then told us she would try again. Danny and his family are doing really well too, we’re still working with them and we get to see them pretty frequently, which is great. Things are going really well with our recent converts and less actives too. We continue to meet more of them, and pray for them. We love all of them.
So my dear family, that was a little bit of my week, and a little bit of my daily life. There’s definitely more that we’ll have to catch up on next week, and in about 6 months 🙂
I love the mission. It’s really hard. But it’s the best. Goal for 2014, feel joy!
And tonight, Tres Magos cena con las familias Ramon y Ramirez!
Hermana Rachel Knecht

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