Lessons Learned

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January 4, 2014 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

This week, I’ve learned a lot.
Lessons learned: life is hard, but you can get through it, enjoy it despite adversity, and come out a lot stronger than you were to start with. Heavenly Father likes to teach me this lesson, and I feel blessed that He’s giving me these opportunities to grow so much in such a short amount of time. It’s amazing, situations or stress that would normally bring me down either before my mission, or earlier on in my mission, just don’t have the same effect. Sometimes I may deal with the same problem, still may feel the same amount of hurt or set-back from it, but am given the strength to move forward more quickly. Learn what I need to learn, pull myself out of it, forgive myself and others, and move on and forward in faith.
For instance…someone rejects me at a door contact. Beginning of my mission: ask myself what I did wrong, blame myself for their use of agency, get bitter, get anxious and scared of facing the same reaction from the next door, etc. Now: hurt, recover, move on. I’ve been blessed with the strength to move forward, trusting that because of my faith in Christ, I will be made strong. And Heavenly Father does make me strong! He not only helps me see how much divine help I’m receiving, but helps me recognize my own strengths (that of course He gave me in the first place!).
Anyways, so about Christmas this past week!! I feel so blessed for all the members and investigators that made us feel so welcome. The Edmunds family spoiled us, gingerbread houses, playing the chimes, presents by the tree, it was so great. And then Christmas Eve dinner at the Morgan’s home! There were quite a few people there, it was a party. Sister Morgan is from England, so we opened those cracker things, and inside was a paper crown for each of us! I love being a princess, so it was perfect. We watched Mr. Krueger’s Christmas on Christmas Eve, just Hermana Rich and I in our apartment on our tiny DVD player. I cried. It really was such a tender memory, I can’t really describe it. We were blessed to deliver some presents to some families, the mom of one of the families was actually taking the trash out as we pulled up. Can you imagine how magical it was when she walked back in with presents for the kids? I love Christmas.
And of course I got to Skype. That was so sweet. It’s amazing to feel like you haven’t been away for that long, when in reality, a year is kind of a long time (okay, I’m not at a year yet, but soon). I feel so blessed for all the gifts and cards that you sent, I wish I could send pictures (I forgot my camera cord today…ahhh), but I taped all of the cards up around our door frame like at home. And that gingerbread man decoration from home. So sweet.
I’m really sorry that I haven’t written more lately. I love you all so much, I am so grateful for your updates and pictures.
Love, Hermana Rachel Knecht

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