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December 9, 2013 by sisterrachelknecht

Dearest family and friends,

I’ve learned so much about patience this past week. Patience in the Lord’s timing, patience with myself and with others. I would say an overarching theme of this week was time. I am not a huge fan of the concept of time. I love celebrating milestones (as I wrote last week), but minutes and hours are my enemy. Since day one, I have struggled with being on time to things (by day one, I guess you could start at my birth, or just day one of my mission). And on a mission, time is huge. I’ve worked so hard to overcome my bad habits, with the motivation of being more exactly obedient. I honestly don’t think that Heavenly Father thinks I’m a bad missionary because I struggle to start exactly on time, but I know that He blesses me when I am exactly on time. It’s amazing though, because even with my feeble efforts at times, I’ve been blessed with the ability and strength to manage my time more wisely, and more fully understand the importance of it. I feel more confident because I know I tried my best.

Okay, so how does this relate to patience? Yes, others have to be patient with me, so I’m grateful for that. But also, I was asked to give a five minute training on patience at our mission leader council last Tuesday. Even in that five minutes, I learned so much. Patience is what I’ve been missing as the remedy for so much of my stress. Wait it out, hold on, have faith! Patience all stems from having faith and hope in Christ. Wait patiently on the Lord, and He will give you success. We read it so much in the scriptures, why didn’t I learn that earlier? Ironic, I’m sure it’s because I had to learn patience in the process.

Here are some highlights of what we did this past week!

  • Mission leader council. It was way fun! We had a great meeting at the mission home, breakfast and lunch too. We learned more about developing a relationship with Christ, and I learned about the importance of the area book. Which I’m sure I should have learned earlier, well I’m sure I learned earlier but wasn’t humble enough to put it into effect. I now love the area book 🙂
  • Decorating for Christmas at Sister Durham’s home. She lives on this beautiful farm. We had hot cocoa, and I read a story from the Ensign afterwards. It’s the one called “The Art of Giving”. So simple, and I just bawled. I love it. Please read.
  • Meeting several new less actives. Well not new, but new to me. I love a fresh start with people, learning their desires, struggles, etc. And praying about how I can help them.
  • Miracle with Susan and Joy. They are a sweet family we have been teaching off and on. Susan is bed ridden that has met with sister missionaries before, and Joy has struggles. Well, we came over last Friday to watch The Restoration with them. They hooked up their DVD player, put in the movie, and it kept skipping. It was a brand new DVD! So we tried again, made it a little bit further, and it would skip and freeze. Susan kept vocally pleading with Heavenly Father, “please let us watch this! I want to so badly, I know that it’s important”. It was heartbreaking. So I got the impression to say a prayer. We said a prayer, asking Heavenly Father, if it was His will, to let us watch the movie without any skipping, all the way through. As we were praying, her son was cleaning out the DVD player. It was sweet because he didn’t seem too interested, but he carefully did his best to clean it out. They were so full of faith; we put the movie back in, and watched it the whole way without any pause. Joy took notes, “ask and ye shall receive”. I loved watching her hastily grab a pen and a scrap of paper to write down the verse. Afterwards, we all thanked Heavenly Father. Joy was full of emotion, teary-eyed and all, and expressed the desire to change. She acknowledged she had a long way to go, but as she turned to me and asked so innocently, “do you really think this is the true church?”, and I was so happy to respond, “yes, I know it is!”, I could see the look in her face that said she sincerely wanted to change. Ah, even if nothing ever progresses with them, I will never forget that.
  • New solid investigators! We taught a past investigator, Julio, and his roommate and son, Carlos and his son Carlos Jr. They were so sincere in their desire to learn, and I’m excited to go back to see what happens.
  • Hermana Davis’s birthday! I planned a surprise dinner with her first baptism Liliana (who I met in my first area! LOVE HER!). Hna Davis had no idea! So we showed up at the restaurant (she thought I typed in the library’s address), and Hna Davis was so confused. Chikis (Liliana) comes running out and surprises her at the car window! Hna Davis cried, she was so happy. We ate with Chikis and Liz (my first baptism, her sister! Love her so much too! Isn’t that funny, both our first baptism’s are sisters?) and their cousin Genaro. Oh it was so sweet.
  • And lesson with Jose, who we met at Burger King! He was a miracle too. We’re excited to keep teaching him, it’s been awhile since we were last able to get in contact with him.

I am so grateful to be serving in this area, and so so grateful for the members. They are wonderful, and are excited about missionary work. Lots of Christmas-y stuff this week, I’m excited. I’m so grateful for all of you as well, especially for your patience with me in these 18 months. And let’s be real, all of you have been patient with me my whole life, with all of my many faults. I am so grateful for what I’m learning here and for the change I’m experiencing in myself, my perspective, my priorities. I’m so grateful that it’s all due to Christ, and developing my relationship with Him.

Love you!

Hermana Rachel Knecht


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