Springfield, TN!

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November 11, 2013 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

This past week was, well, new! New companion, new area, new comp, new branch and ward, new apartment, new car, yeah the list can just go on and on. Well, not new car or apartment, just new to me.

1) We live in Springfield!

2) We are in White House Ward and Madison Spanish branch. It’s fantastic. Best of both worlds.

3) Hna Davis is fantastic and is going home in 5 weeks. Um crazy. But I’m excited for this time I have with her now.

4) I’m learning to love running. The air outside in the morning is fantastic and crisp and cool. We run down to the historic square, past cute houses and buildings. Trees losing their different colored leaves. Oh it’s wonderful.

5) I miss Lebanon, but this Wednesday, we’re going back for a three zone conference with Elder Pino of the Seventy! I’m so excited for both. And we’re singing, pray for us…

6) The members here are wonderful, so nice, and it’s really a comfort to have the Johnson’s nearby, the employment services missionaries.

7) All in all, just figuring things out here in this new area. I already do love it here.

This morning, I was reading the last chapter of John in the New Testament. Elder Holland gave a great talk on this, “The First Great Commandment”. And though I’ve heard it mentioned several times on my mission, it just got me today. Do I love the Lord more than all of this? All of my worldly desires and natural tendencies? Even more than the good things that I love? I want to show Christ that, yes, the answer is yes. I do love Him more than all of this, and I want to show Him that. And isn’t it amazing that He doesn’t leave me alone in that desire? He strengthens me in every step.

My prayers include you every night. I love you more than you know!


Hermana Rachel Knecht


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