Don’t Let This World Set Limits on Your Happiness

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October 22, 2013 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

I always get so excited and so nervous to check my emails, even after 9 months! I love the rush of opening my email and waiting for the slow Lebanon, TN library internet.

Well, some items of business, I will now be a FB missionary. That means I’m deactivating my old one and starting up a new one. Please do not tempt me by messaging me, I will be hiding all of your posts anyways and blocking you from chat. And I won’t be looking at your walls or photos, etc. They encourage us to add family and friends from home, so I’ll probably be adding y’all, but if I don’t, it’s simply because I’m trying to exercise a little more self-control. For the longest time I resisted the idea of being a FB missionary, but I think it’s time. Wish me luck.

Also, I’m really sorry for the lack of letters/emails. I’m not so great at writing back anymore, but I do my best!

ANYWAYS, this week was wonderful and wonderfully difficult.

We began this week (well since the last time I wrote) with a really great lesson with this sweet family that Sister Kepler and another sister found on exchanges. Sister Kepler had a bloody nose, so they knocked on their door for some TP. He was really nice, and interested. So we went back and met his sweet wife and adorable two year old daughter. She’s Baptist but hasn’t been to church in a long time, but she really liked us and was open to having us back, although her husband seems to be much more interested. Really though, amazing family.

The day after that, we contacted a past investigator/contact, who although wasn’t interested, gave us a referral to another family. After knocking around the neighborhood (he didn’t know her exact address), we found her! She’s a sweet woman from Honduras, who had a ton of questions. She’s Christian but hasn’t been to church in a long time, and seemed to really like the Restoration.  Going back this week!

Gilberta is still so amazing, we finished teaching her the Plan of Salvation, and blessing, she just got a new job where she has Sundays off! So this Sunday, I know she’ll be at church! She just keeps amazing me, with her love for studying and learning more.

Amid lots of other contacting/rejection/good lessons, we had a really interesting experience on Saturday. After an appointment fell through, we decided to knock in a development nearby. I had never knocked in there, and let me tell you, I now know why. It was intimidating! They were huge houses with backyards up next to the creek that leads into the Cumberland River. Like, not just any creek. A really nice creek you can take your boat out on. Several doors, no success, and then Gerald. Such a nice man, who invited us in, didn’t want to really hear the message (but was polite when we talked about our beliefs), but offered us water, cookies, a sandwich, dinner, anything. Seriously, he was so nice. And the day earlier, I had prayed that someone would bring us cookies. Um, I don’t know why, but I wanted cookies. That day, we went to Petco during dinner to buy food for Debbie’s cockatiels (we’re watching them while she’s in Ohio) and the really nice cashier told us to try one of the delicious looking dog treats. It was like those white and black oreo cookies. And he was right, it was delicious. I ate a dog treat. That’s right. Anyways, so Heavenly Father answered my cookie prayer two days in a row!

I just realized how silly that just sounded, but it was the hand of the Lord, okay?

Anyways, we had a fantastic lesson with the other family from Honduras, who thanked us for coming over. It was a little later in the evening, the baby was getting fussy, and I started getting apologetic. They assured me that they were so thankful for us, and for teaching them. I love moments like that, where those you are teaching, and whom you love so much, love you too.

Well, family, friends. I love being a missionary. I love how much time I have to look at the eternal perspective of things.  Those really are such sweet moments when you realize just how blessed you are to be a missionary.

I love you all so much, and I don’t want any of you to ever give up! There is so much happiness and beauty to be found by living the gospel; actually, it’s infinite happiness and beauty! I can’t even quantify it. Don’t let this world bind you or set limits on your happiness, or the amount of love you can feel from Heavenly Father.


Hermana Rachel Knecht


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