The Best Thing Ever


September 23, 2013 by sisterrachelknecht


Dear friends and family,

Missions are seriously the best thing ever. I’m not really sure where to start (like every p-day), but as I’m sure some of you know, I’m staying in Lebanon! Sister Ayre is getting transferred to Manchester to be with Sister Schmit (my MTC companion!) and Sister Kepler is coming to Lebanon! Sister Kepler seems really nice, so I’m excited. And I’ve been assigned as one of the Sister Trainer Leaders in our zone, so those new responsibilities will be interesting. Also, I’m excited for exchanges with all the sisters.

But, of course, I’m really sad to see Sister Ayre go. We were the dream team/power couple. Sugar and spice. We knew we would have to get split up eventually, and we figured it would probably be this transfer, but looking back on these past six months seems so crazy. We seriously had so much fun. This is basically a little ode to Sister Ayre, and she can read it after the mission. We joke that we’ll see each other July 14th, on the plane ride home. Yeah, no way. We’re seeing each other before that.

So, another transfer here in Lebanon begins. Set some really good goals, and work really hard these next six weeks to accomplish them. There are some great things going on here (we had 6 investigators at church yesterday!), and I’m itching to help people progress towards baptism. I know that through the Lord’s timing and plan, that this transfer we will see success in the lives of those we teach and in the ward.

Also, yesterday was the primary program. Oh my goodness, it was so sweet. I teared up. I just love how simple the gospel really is, and how happy it can make us if we live it. We teach people all the time that the gospel has made us so happy, but I often think back to my life before the mission and happiness after the mission, but rarely of being happy because of the gospel here on the mission. Did that make sense? But basically, I need to let myself enjoy the gospel now. Because it truly does make me so profoundly happy. The gospel is true, then what else matters? I love that quote.

Also, our investigator Maria is pregnant. What?! Oh my goodness. So, Friday night, we went to two of our members’ baby shower. I love them, Leslie and Greisi, they’re sister in laws.  Anyways, so after the baby shower, one of the other members said, “oh we’ll need to save all these decorations for Maria’s baby shower!” Sister Ayre and I were like, uhhhh what?! Apparently, at the baby shower, Maria had told the members (and us, but we didn’t understand the saying) that she was four weeks pregnant! She hasn’t been able to have children for 11 years, since Mauricio was born. So we rushed over to her house afterwards and congratulated her! She was so so happy. I’m so happy for her. And I really hope that they can be baptized. And that sweet precious baby…Raquel Ayre. First and middle name, it’s perfect.

So many things happened this past week, including Spanish Zone conference, where I got to see my bestie Hermana Knight. I love her so much, and whenever we see each other, it’s like we never were apart! Also, the Spanish Elders will now be whitewashed into English Elders here, so we’re on our own. It’ll be good, but I’m a little nervous to take over all the Spanish work and group. But it’ll be good.

Oh family, love you and hope all is well. Can’t wait for fall, Halloween, everything! And for the new baby Berry!

Love love love,

Hermana Rachel Knecht



2 thoughts on “The Best Thing Ever

  1. Donna Suchoski says:

    I don’t know if you’ve seen any of my other posts on your blog, but I LOVE reading it. Keep up the good work. Your enthusiasm and spirit perks me up every time I see one of your posts!!



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