What A Week!

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September 9, 2013 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

What a week. I’m looking at the time go down on the computer and I feel such an urgency to write, but don’t know where to start/can’t remember everything that I wanted to say.

Let me just start by summarizing yesterday. We went to church, Maria and Mauricio were there again (fifth or sixth Sunday? I can’t keep track anymore!), Maria and I couldn’t stop laughing in Sunday school because one of the member’s daughters was being such a goof (she’s like one maybe? one and a half?) and she kept dancing around.  Another investigator came to church with her two granddaughters who we adore. Oh my goodness, they’re dolls. 5 and 7 and they loved Primary. They love church, and love that we have such a good relationship with the members.

After church, we had lunch with one of the young women who just turned 16. She wants to serve a mission and is preparing already!  We talked to her a lot about missionary work, and then went to contact some people. They weren’t home, so we decided to contact a referral from the fair that lives pretty far away. We drove, and drove, and they weren’t home. They actually moved! But it was a duplex and the next door neighbor walked out and started talking to us! She was so sweet, and guess what. Of course, she’s a member! (I’m not sure if she was baptized, but she says she was raised Mormon. Never seen her on the ward list or anything). She had nothing but good things to say about the church and had even recommended the church to her neighbor. She said that her neighbor would be really interested, so we’ll contact her at her new address soon. And we’ll be sure to continue to stay in contact with her. Amazing how the Lord works. Really though, I was pretty shocked by that one.

After dinner, we went to go contact another referral from the fair, a couple that lives pretty close to us. Again, this work is amazing, and this couple is an example of the Lord preparing people. He used to be an assistant pastor, but has been searching for a church where he can feel at home. He said he hasn’t been to the Mormon church yet, so why not try it! Right as we walked up, he said “You know what, I’ll commit myself to going to church on Sunday. You’ll see me there”. And he was truly sincere. We talked with him for awhile, and he just seems so prepared. We’ll see them both soon.

We stopped by one of our Spanish speaking investigator’s house who has been facing a lot of trials. It was a great lesson, and especially sweet when she said she’s been turning to the Book of Mormon for comfort.

And then, we stopped by Mauricio’s to celebrate his birthday! We didn’t know it was his birthday until he told us at church, so we went home, made a cake, and got together some birthday supplies (including a birthday banner that Kate sent me! Thank you Kate!) When we showed up, he opened the door and was so surprised. It was such a sweet moment. He said “thank you so much, I really wasn’t expecting this!”. He was so grateful. We hung up the banner, lit the birthday candles, sang, and then we all ate cake. And afterwards, we played a board game. So. Much. Fun. I love them so much!

So it was a great day. I just went to bed last night thinking, “I love being a missionary”. I truly do. Things have been rough lately, as apparent by our most recent zone meeting. Our zone meeting was last Friday, and everyone seemed to be struggling. One of the missionaries gave a training on obedience, referencing “The First Great Commandment” by Jeffrey R. Holland. It was so good. The way this Elder taught was spot on. We can’t ever be perfectly obedient. There’s just no way. But we can admit our mistakes, repent, and recommit to being obedient because we love the Lord. I can’t describe how the whole thing went, but it was one of the best zone meetings I’ve ever been to.

I should wrap this up, but the rest of the week was a lot of fun. I went to Bowling Green Kentucky, on exchanges for the first time! Saw an Amish buggy!  It was nice to see that life goes on after you get transferred, but I love you oh so much Lebanon. And we went up to the Seng’s house to put a fence up and eat dinner! Wings, cheesy grits, and greens. And blueberry peach cobbler. We love their family.

I’ve learned so much this week, especially about myself. Again, so much to tell after the mission. Or in a letter, I’ll try to be better at writing!

Love you all so so much.


Hermana Rachel Knecht


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