Truly A Miracle!


September 5, 2013 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family,

I just have too much to write, all the time! We’ll do lots of catching up after the mission. Also, next month, I hit my halfway mark. What?!! How is that even possible? But we’ll celebrate 9 months when we get to 9 months. I won’t get too hasty.

There was just so much going on this week! We got a new district leader (he has a transfer and a half left on his mission).  He’s a nice guy, and a good missionary!

We had a great activity last Thursday, contacting the referrals from the fair. We had about 15 members and missionaries split up and contact people for a few hours. It was such a great experience for the members and us as missionaries. There was success, and non-success (not failure), but overall, we contacted about 40 people and made quite a few return appointments! We’ve already begun to teach one of the young women we contacted, and have a few other appointments this week! Everything went smoothly, and it was a lot of fun.

We’ve been blessed with a lot of member support. They offer to help before we can even ask them, and it’s truly a miracle! The way missionary work has progressed in the ward is amazing.

Maria and Mauricio are doing great. We had dinner with them and Armando yesterday, and Maria is making so much progress. Cute Mauricio started to tear up when he was talking about his dog CiCi, who they lost. We told him that he could be with CiCi, and his family forever, and we talked about the temple. I don’t know how animals work, but I know they go to heaven, so I think Mauricio will see her there. Maria is so much fun, and so sweet. I feel blessed to be able to teach her the gospel.

We’ve also been teaching one of our investigator’s daughters. She’s 20 and is searching for the truth. They’ve begun to read and pray together as a family, and I have so much faith that they’ll continue to progress! It’s fun because we can teach in both English and Spanish, and they understand both, including the little sister who is 3.

The mission has been so tough, yet so sweet lately, and I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of it all. I don’t know the quote exactly, but in Preach My Gospel, there’s a quote from President Hinckley  about how as our conversion strengthens and increases, we will feel a greater desire to share the gospel. As I’ve struggled at times here, I’ve learned that as I grow closer to the Lord, and learn to love Him more, that my desire to share that with others will increase. And I can truly testify that it does!

I love you all so much.


Hermana Rachel Knecht



One thought on “Truly A Miracle!

  1. Johnny Sanders says:

    Buenos Dias Hermana Knecht, I am the proud Dad of Elder Nick Sanders and enjoy reading the posts, blogs, and messages from other missionarys in the TNM. I have been impressed with your resolve and determination in spite of the struggles. I know that the Spanish zone isn’t always easy but the reward is immeasurable. As I tell him.. Keep on keeping on and the blessings will come. If you get a chance hug him….(scratch that..) shake his hand for me…. and maybe post a pic of the two of you before he returns home. I’ll continue to follow your mission and your success…. Johnny Sanders

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