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August 28, 2013 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

Thank you for making this the best birthday ever. Seriously, I can’t remember a better birthday. I’m so grateful for loving and thoughtful family and friends at home, and here. And Sister Ayre wins best companion ever award! Oh it was so, so fun.

This past week was crazy; Sister Ayre and I feel it hasn’t gotten back to normal missionary life for awhile, but oh man, it was fun. We spent every evening at the fair, working at the booth. And for dinner break, funnel cake and hypnotist show. No, we didn’t participate. Next year.

But the fair was such a success. We had over 500 people fill out surveys, and more than half of them said that we could come visit them in their homes! Crazy. It was fun, and overall, it was a huge success.

We went to the temple Friday as well! Oh, I just love the temple.

Then my birthday. The week was filled with anticipation, packages, cards, and lots and lots of food. Seriously, I feel so blessed. I felt like the Birthday Queen all week! We were able to go to the fair and see quite a few of our investigators, who were all so sweet. Maria and Mauricio gave me some birthday watermelon and a card at church the next day. It was a blessing and gift enough to be able to feel the Spirit with them.  They are so sweet, and stayed for all three hours of church yesterday. Sister Ayre, Elder Merrill, Elder Whitely, and the whole Salazar family surprised me with the best birthday party ever.

This week, our goal is to teach 100 lessons. Crazy? Maybe. But we want to get back into the routine of everything, work hard, play hard.

I’m so grateful for all of you, and I know that I’m here for a reason. I feel like this area will make you or break you, and I know that the Lord is making me into a better missionary, child of God, daughter, sister, and future wife and mother. We’ve seen the Lord working miracles in our investigators, even when it doesn’t seem apparent at first. We know that this is His work. We’re not perfect, but His plan is, and He won’t let us fail. We just need to show Him that we love Him, through our desires, actions, in serving others and obedience.

Love you all so much, and can’t express just how grateful I am. I’ll have to send a thank you card to as many of you as I can. I’m grateful for your examples, words of encouragement, and comfort. This week was full of sweet moments that I know I’ll never forget. Not being able to go back to sleep my birthday morning (I was so excited!) and reading the sweet words from my family and friends.

Love love love,

Hermana Rachel Knecht


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