Transfer Four in Lebanon

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August 15, 2013 by sisterrachelknecht

Dearest friends and family,

It’s storming outside, the sky is really scary dark, and it’s windy, and warm, and raining, and the thunder is really loud.  Tornado, tornado, tornado.

Yes, it’s true! We are staying in Lebanon for a fourth transfer together! Some really great things are coming up. Last minute, a family in the ward got us a booth at the fair! Throughout the mission, they’ve had great success at fairs and festivals with these surveys. To win a nice framed picture of Christ, you enter by filling out a survey. They provide information about themselves and answer yes or no to questions about the restored gospel, families, etc. This lets us know that they’re interested, and they are aware that a representative will be over to present them with these materials. Anyways, they’ve had tons of referrals, and the Wilson County Fair, which gets a turn our of 500,000 people every year, will hopefully have the same results! I’m so excited to go to the fair and work the booth!

We had a meeting with some of the sisters in Lebanon Ward yesterday about missionary work, where we showed the video “We Are One” from the Work of Salvation broadcast. It went over really well, so we’re excited about this upcoming transfer, especially with the excitement about the fair and member involvement.

This transfer, our motto is “just do it”. Yeah, very original. But it’s very fitting. I didn’t come on a mission to just hope that things would happen. Well, number one, I came on a mission to be obedient to the prompting I received from the Holy Ghost, but I came on a mission to do the Lord’s work. To just do it, without fear or doubt. So that’s what we’re striving for this transfer. I know that as I strive to be strictly obedient, I’ll have the confidence and faith in the Lord that I need to be the best missionary I can be. I’ll have the faith to go forth and just do!

Last week we met the referral of the family who set up the booth for the fair! She’s been taught by the missionaries before, but I’m not sure to what extent. Her name is Teresa, and she’s a hoot! Calls everyone baby, darling. Oh I love it. We first met her daughter Misty who has two daughters named Kristlyn and Nevaeh. They’re really, really sweet, and have met with missionaries for a long time. Nevaeh is five and Kristlyn is eight. They’re dolls, and love playing with us. We played school/dress up, and I was the principal. Nevaeh said that if I didn’t put on her tiny little princess dress, then I would have to get a spanking. They are great!

Things are going well with Maria and Mauricio, although they didn’t go to church this week because Maria was sick. But she was sweet and sent us a text saying she was sorry.  Mauricio went with some of the Elders to knock doors, and bore his testimony. So sweet.  Although his parents haven’t given him permission to be baptized yet, they’re really supportive of his desire to go to church and to learn.

Bryce was baptized! Sweet boy was so excited. And swam in the font a little while in attempt to unplug the font.  It was a nice experience, to see all of his family there.

Things are moving along, and will continue to progress. I know they will.

Oh I love y’all, and hopefully I’ll have time to write more in some letters.

Love you all, and pray for you every day.


Hermana Rachey Knecht


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