See you at church tomorrow!


July 29, 2013 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

Last week was another great week. I feel like I’m finally getting a hang of this missionary thing! Only took me 6 months, geez. But I know that I still have so much to learn, and that hard times are still to come. But I feel my faith getting stronger and desire to serve more diligently growing.

Monday and Tuesday were a little off for Hermana Ayre and I. We were upset! We had such a great week the week before, we were on fire, what happened?! We don’t know what the deal was, but we worked it out, got it together, did a lot of praying, and it turned out to be a fantastic week.

The week gets a little mushed together, but I’ll start off by describing Saturday, which was my favorite day of this past week.

For part of personal and companionship study, we went to the library to look up talks for the talks we had to give on Sunday (I’ve given more talks in this Spanish group than I’ve given within the past five years). The theme was pioneers so I focused on sacrifice; the sacrifices that they made, and the sacrifices that are required of us. Sister Ayre was still looking for a talk, so I just sat at her computer and waited. This sweet little girl was looking at movies with her mom.  I pulled out some princess stickers and asked if she wanted one. She ran over, didn’t say anything, but just smiled and took an Ariel sticker. What a doll. She looked like a little Kels. So, so sweet, and she was dressed so cute, nice and neat and clean. We played peek a boo around the computers while I waited, but before I knew it, her and her mom were gone. I was seriously so sad. I was looking for an opportunity to give them a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, and I missed it. I got in the car, and started crying. Poor Sister Ayre has to deal with this. I was so sad, thinking that little Kels had to go home and wouldn’t have the blessings of the gospel, and it was my fault! Ugh, it still makes me sad. I pray that I’ll be able to see them again, or that they’ll come in contact with other missionaries. I do too much crying in this library.

Then we had a lesson with Patricia. Our plan was to watch the Restoration movie, but before we did, we asked her how she felt about what we had talked about last time, the Book of Mormon, the Restoration pamphlet, etc. She said, “mis sentimientos o mis pensamientos?” Thinking that one was going to be good and one was going to be not so good, I geared myself up for whatever she was about to say. She said “I feel like my life has changed. I’m so much happier, I feel closer to God, and I feel a peace in my life”. I was thrilled. We talked to her about the Spirit, and how it speaks truth to us. And then we watched the Restoration. It went really well; every time I watch that movie, I just feel the Spirit so strongly. I know that Jesus Christ restored the gospel through His prophet Joseph Smith. Patricia is so great, and I feel so much love and hope for her.

We then went to our Pioneer Day activity at church! It was so much fun, and the Primary Presidency did a great job! Sister Ayre and I won the three-legged race, companionship unity obviously. And I got pushed around in a covered wagon handcart with a bunch of screaming kids (I think I was screaming pretty loud though).

The English Elders’ investigator Deb came, and we gave her a tour of the chapel and she had fun getting to know the members. And then she came to church on Sunday! For all three hours! The Elders have been seeing her for forever, like eight months, and she finally came to church! We were so happy.

After the activity, we went to try and teach Reina with some members. She said she would be there…but she wasn’t. We don’t know what happened, but we’ll figure it out this week. Anyways, so a little bit at a loss of what to do, we went to Maria’s house. We had just seen her the night before (with a member, it went great), but I felt prompted to just stop by. We read scriptures with her, talked about them briefly, and then invited her to church again. Sweet Mauricio said, “See you at church tomorrow!”.

And they came!! Second Sunday in a row! I am so excited for them. I have faith they’ll be baptized soon.

And we talked to our neighbor Debbie on Sunday. She’s so sweet, and because we took care of her pets for a few days, she brought us back cute little jam jars from where her daughter lives in North Carolina! It’s how our friendship began, because she offered us some homemade jam. She’s our good friend, and I hope she’ll give going to church a chance. She loves the Book of Mormon, which is really cool.

Well, that is all. I know I wrote a lot, but my heart was just so full of happiness! Things are going so well here, I don’t think I could bear to leave here…I can’t! I mean, my birthday and the fair is next transfer! Just one more here with Sister Ayre!

Love you all and am so grateful for your support even though I’ve gotten a little lazy with writing. Forgive me! The gospel is true, the Lord lives and loves us. Keep the faith!

Love forever and ever,

Hermana Rachel Knecht


2 thoughts on “See you at church tomorrow!

  1. Rebecca Peters says:

    Rachel! It has been so long, but it is great to hear that you are doing what makes you happy! You are looking beautiful as always ❤

  2. Terri Jimenez says:

    Hello Rachel:
    I think about you often, especially now during the Summer break. Thru your letters, it sounds like you are enjoying your time in Tennessee. God is working in your life,, Continue to witness to others. Miss you and your crazy humor. Love ya Terri

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