Transfer Three in Lebanon


July 2, 2013 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

So, we got the call Saturday night, and Sister Ayre and I are staying together in Lebanon for another transfer! We didn’t realize how grateful we were to be in Lebanon until we found out we were staying; Sister Ayre and I just like ran/danced/screamed around the apartment for a good while. Looks like there’s still work for us here to do, and still more that we need to learn. I’m excited for this upcoming transfer; I feel like I have so much more energy and drive for missionary work here, probably partly due to the zone conference we had last week. It was more like a going away meeting for the McKee’s with our zone, but we had some great trainings. President McKee gave a training on how Satan will try to get us to sin by doubting ourselves, feeling discouraged, etc. For most missionaries, we won’t let Satan tempt us to commit really grievous sins, but we will allow him to let us get down on ourselves.

President McKee reminded us that even the Savior was tempted by Satan. And he came back “after a season”. Satan won’t leave us alone, so we shouldn’t be surprised when feelings of discouragement come up again. What we can do though, is tell him to “get thee hence” and turn to the Savior for strength. It’s a learning process that I know won’t stop after my mission.

We also had another great training by one of the APs, about helping others resolve their concerns. I loved this one, because often, I feel the weight of my investigators’ progress and commitment on my shoulders, even though they have their agency of course. Of course, as missionaries, we need to do everything we can to help them, follow up, explain the importance of these things, teach effectively. But ultimately, they should want this for themselves, and because they love the Lord. Not because they feel an obligation to us as missionaries. Oh, it was great. I feel like it’ll really help me one day as a parent as I continue to practice it.

I forgot my planner for last transfer at home, and I usually look at that to remember what happened this past week, but I’ll just have to go off of memory here…Wednesday night we went out to the Gregory’s for dinner! They live about 40 minutes south of here, but they’re still in our ward. They’re so great. We had a great talk with Sister Gregory about missionary work here in Lebanon, and walked around their beautiful property. I left feeling a lot better; I’m so grateful for members like them.

Had two lessons with Reina. I’m so hopeful for her. She said herself, “I need to pray about these things more”. She’s serious about this, and you can really tell. Her three kids are adorable too, and her husband is really nice, but not often there because of work. We let Reina borrow Primary cd’s, because she loves the songs. Zumba was again a success, almost all of our investigators attended! The group has done such a great job at making sure they feel welcomed in the building and in the group.

We met with one of the recent convert in the ward. We hadn’t seen her in awhile, so it was good to catch up with her. She’s been struggling so much, she knows this church is true, and very much still has a testimony. We talked with her and listened to her, watched “Mountains to Climb” (I think Sister Ayre just likes to show it so she can watch me cry. I cry EVERY time), and through some of the skills we learned at zone conference, actually helped her resolve her own concern! I was like, this really works? Why haven’t I been doing this all along?

Well, the district is staying the same, besides Elder Alarcon leaving! That’s right, after like 9 months of being here, he’s headed to Providence (the only Spanish speaking ward in the mission, they have a ton of members there) where he’ll be training and a district leader. The group will miss him, but he’ll do great there.

Also, the Salazar’s got back from their vacation in Florida this past week, so we were so excited to see them! We missed them so much. I just love their family so much.

Well hope all is well in wherever y’all are! I think of all of you so much and pray for you. I’m so grateful for your support, letters, cookies, chocolate, emails. You’re the best and I feel so blessed.


Hermana Rachel Faye Knecht


One thought on “Transfer Three in Lebanon

  1. Lucille Johnston says:

    Hi Rachel! So good to hear from you and to read your blogs! Sounds like you are happy with your assignment to stay in Lebanon, so I am happy for you! Let me know when you are ready for a refill on the cookies! Love Aunt Lu


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