Thanks y’all!


June 24, 2013 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

Thank you so much for all of your emails! When I logged on this morning, I had 24 new emails! Crazy! I feel so blessed to have so much support and love from everyone at home and friends in the mission field.

If you didn’t see the broadcast last night, I strongly encourage you (I exhort, demand even. Too much?) to watch it. “The Work of Salvation” on I’m a baby and cried through a lot of it. I just feel so blessed to be a missionary at this time, to know that the whole world will be blessed by full time and member missionaries. To hear from that many apostles, and the prophet, was such a blessing.

From a missionary’s perspective, we are only in your ward for a short period of time. We don’t know the area, or the people. Though we do our best, the impact we leave on the area may seem very minimal. We know that when we leave, our investigators will be passed on to other missionaries, and we hope that the members of the ward will continue to have a relationship with them to help them grow. We won’t always be there, but the ward will always be there.

Of course, we are grateful for support from the members in any form, whether it be feeding us or coming out with us to teach lessons. We simply want to help you teach the ones that you love.

Well, things in Lebanon are great. Transfers are coming up, as well as the arrival of our new mission president! I’m excited, and hope to stay in Lebanon, but know that the Lord will send me where He needs and wants me.

Because I’m running out of time, I’ll do like a bullet point summary of some things that happened this past week:

-Zone pday. It was way fun to see everyone. We were in Hendersonville (where Taylor Swift went to high school, and there was even a Taylor Swift playground, wutttt?! It was great)

-We volunteered at the senior citizen center here. It was so much fun, and I love the concentrated Southern accent. I was told that I “favor the actress in Burn Notice!” Never seen it, but she thought it was probably because I was Spanish. Nah, not Spanish, just speak it.

-Watched the Restoration video with Reina and a member. It was a sweet experience, and Reina is wonderful. We’re grateful for the support of our members here.

-Zumba, yet again, had a great turn out. Probably 20 visitors this week.

-Taught lessons, the usual. Our teaching pool is good, but it’s hard to see progression in a lot of people. Then we have a great lesson and they show signs of progress! This happens all the time, it’s hard to keep it consistent. But we’re trying. All in the Lord’s timing too.

-And saw some beautiful sunsets. Seriously, beautiful. And humid here. And Friday nights, y’all better park your trucks around the town square, it’s the hangout spot. Tried to take a picture, but didn’t want to be too obvious. Seriously, that’s where country songs are born.

Love y’all so much, and I’m so glad that you loved the broadcast just as much as I did. I love hearing about everything going on in your lives. I think of you often (let’s be real, I think of y’all a lot), and pray for you.

Love you,

Hermana Rachel Knecht

p.s. Also, congrats on everyone who graduated/is getting married! So many exciting things happening!


3 thoughts on “Thanks y’all!

  1. Jeran Urrutia says:

    Hello from Santa Rosa,
    A missionary blog, what a great idea! The Urrutia’s are doing good and our family is growing. Lots of babies born this year. All healthy and strong so we feel very blessed. Megan Y. and Brennen and Kelsy all graduated from High School, class of 2013! Such a “special” group of kids. We love hearing about your mission and hearing and feeling that you are really happy. We think you are so wise to choose to serve a mission. It really is a great experience. Nashville doesn’t know what they’ve got coming to them from our friend Rachel. I know you will work hard. Hope you have a great day.
    Love you
    Jeran Urrutia

  2. Astronomicus says:

    I don’t know how long you’ve been out, but I just stumbled on your blog… what has been your favorite area so far? (I served in this mission several years ago).

    • sisterrachelknecht says:

      Thanks for reading!
      Rachel doesn’t get to check her blog, we just post her letters so her family and friends can see how and what she is doing.

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