Familias pueden ser eternas

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June 17, 2013 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family,

Today we’re having zone p-day at a lake in Hendersonville. I bought a Confederate flag bikini to wear today, so I’m super excited to get my tan on! KIDDING! Our district bought neon “Lebanon, TN” t-shirts from Walmart and now we’re all sitting in the library emailing, wearing them. It’s GREAT. Elder Neil L. Andersen said missionary work is really “missionary fun”, right? And this is fun, just like Mormon prom 2010, 80’s dresses (shout out to Clarissa, Kate, Annie, and Lacey). Not to mention the great district unity we’ve got goin’ on.

Also, shout out to President Ayre and Sister Ayre! Hermana Ayre told me that you read my blog occasionally, so if you’re reading this, hola!

This past week we went to Nashville on Monday with Monserrat and her kids, and nephew, and two other kids that she babysits. It was an adventure! We didn’t stay for that long, but it was cool to get our first little glimpse. I’d love to go to the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Opry Hotel and Opry Mills.

The rest of the week was fun, but a little hectic; Tuesday we went to the Lebanon Senior Citizens Center to have lunch with an older couple in our ward, the Tecsons. They’re so cute. The volunteers said that they loved the missionaries who used to come and help out, so Hna Ayre and I are going back this Tuesday to volunteer with their granddaughter Melia! We visited Melia last Saturday, just out of the blue, she went to McKayla’s baptism that day and church the next day! It was sweet.

Wednesday we went to Reina’s and had a little noche de hogar (family night). We started off singing “Familias pueden ser eternas”, prayed, and talked about how our families can be together forever. Reina said she often wondered about what would happen after we die, and worried about it; I felt like Alma in Alma 32, I was so excited that she sincerely wanted to know and was humble enough to learn!

So we watched the last part of “Together Forever”, I LOVE that movie, and so does everyone we watch it with. She loved it and had so many great questions afterwards. We talked for a long time, and Hna Ayre had to cut me off, thank goodness. We gave her another Restoration pamphlet, and she was like “This isn’t the same one you gave me, I don’t have this one”. We definitely gave her that one the first time we met! But I think now she’s looking at it in a new light because she truly felt the Spirit. She wants copies of the Primary songs we sing in Spanish too. She’s so awesome, and although she couldn’t make it to church, she really showed a desire to go. And she sends us home with tamales all the time, and her kids are adorable, and her husband is really nice, and I just love her!

Zumba was a success again this week. I hope that as they feel more comfortable in the chapel and with the members, they’ll start to come to church and progress in the gospel.

And…McKayla got baptized!! It was such a sweet experience. Her stepdad said the opening prayer, her grandpa baptized her, and her mom and aunt gave the talks. The Spirit was so strong, and I felt so much love in that room. We love McKayla so much, and I’m so grateful that she asked me to sing “I Am a Child of God”. Hillary Weekes arrangement, for anyone who’s interested in hearing it, it’s beautiful. I’m so excited to see her and her family progress, and to one day see her go through the temple. And hopefully baptisms for the dead in the temple in a few months when she turns 12!

I truly love being here. It’s really hard sometimes; it’s hard to get rejected by people that we meet, but I’ve tried to focus on simply my relationship with Christ and my Heavenly Father, because I know it’s the only thing that matters, and I know that they’ll always understand what I’m going through, and know the intentions of my heart.

Well, love y’all and I love to hear from y’all too. I’m grateful for your prayers, and know that I pray for you too.


Hermana Rachel Knecht



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