Lebanon is wonderful!


June 4, 2013 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,

Another week gone by, and we’re already on week three of this transfer! Crazy how fast time flies. And it’s summer…?! What?! How did school get out already? How is my little sister graduating this week?! (CONGRATS KELS PARTYYYY)

Hna Idso’s birthday was on Tuesday and we decorated the apartment.  But, we got a call Friday from the assistants saying that she would be transferred to Antioch! We were sad to see her go, but they needed a driver in that trio. So, just Hna Ayre and I again. The party goes on.

We had the opportunity to help Brother Seng’s daughter move on Thursday, so that was fun. Really though, it’s wonderful to just do service. I’ll be honest, it was a break from the mental and emotional stress that missionary work causes occasionally. Of course, I love the Seng family too, and Brother Seng does so much for us, so we were more than happy to help them out.

Our lessons this week went really well, especially with Mauricio, a 10 year old boy, and his mom. Mauricio is so sweet, and has been reading the Book of Mormon. We went over to see how he was doing and to give him a Book of Mormon stories book (ya know, the one with pictures), and ended up teaching his mom the whole Restoration. At the end, Mauricio offered the prayer, and said “thank you for the missionaries, and please help me to know if Joseph Smith really saw Heavenly Father”. I almost cried! It’s so true that we need to humble ourselves, and become as a child. We’re excited to see them progress.

Nine nonmembers showed up to Zumba on Thursday, including four of our main investigators! It was so much fun.  It’s just so wonderful to see our investigators in the church building. I pray that they’ll feel the spirit there and have the desire to come on Sundays.

Things are progressing, slowly but surely, and until one of our investigators drops us, we’re not giving up on them! They seem to all be so willing to learn, we’re just praying that they have the desire to act and change in accordance with the things they learn.

We finished our last lesson with McKayla and her family, and she’ll be baptized June 16th! We’re so excited for. Before dinner, McKayla and I play chess (I’ve been learning, I’m horrible) so her grandpa, Brother Fowler gave me my own chess set! Their family is wonderful.

Lebanon is wonderful, and although I struggle sometimes with discouragement and inadequacy, I feel your prayers and love.

All sounds wonderful at home and with family and friends; Kels is graduating, and I have a new nephew on the way! So excited. Thank you for your continued support and letters.

Love love love love,

Hermana Knecht

P.S. Funny story, the other day, I was sitting on our porch outside our apartment, half studying, half falling asleep, when I half asleep/prayed that a tornado would happen… Later that day, it started to storm and we had like a flash thunderstorm thing. I need to be careful what I pray for!


One thought on “Lebanon is wonderful!

  1. Donna Suchoski says:

    Just remember, even Moses felt incapable…but with the Lord’s help he was successful…as you will be! Love hearing of your experiences.

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