Week…I don’t know anymore?


April 29, 2013 by sisterrachelknecht

Dear family and friends,
I can’t describe just how grateful I am to start a new week. Last week was full of lots of good moments, but a lot of stressful and difficult ones too. I probably wouldn’t win the best missionary award. Probably the crankiest missionary award. Hermana Ayre would win the most patient missionary award. And Elder Alarcon would say I win the most dramatic missionary award. District Dundees, anyone?
Anyways, but that’s the beautiful part of the Atonement, and renewing our baptismal covenants by taking the sacrament. We get to start over, and be clean again.
Some of the sweetest moments, though, from last week, just happened Friday and Sunday. We visited Blanca and her daughter Lidia (6), just to see how they were. They had been taught the first lesson by Elder Alarcon and his past companion, but Elder Alarcon passed them over to us. Blanca told us that Lidia had been asking questions like “where did we come from?” and “where are we going to go after death?”. Plan of Salvation anyone?! Blanca is Catholic, so she answered Lidia’s questions with the knowledge that she had, and we came in and filled in the rest. We didn’t have a lot of time so we came back yesterday to teach the whole lesson. We used these cute little cut out picture things to represent each part of the plan (Hna Ayre made them) and Lidia was so attentive. Hugo, Blanca’s husband was there too, and more than Blanca, he was really receptive to what we taught. Didn’t even have any questions about the three kingdoms of glory! He recognizes that he needs to go to church and be faithful in order to live with Heavenly Father again with his family. It seems like all the pieces are there, we just need to help him put them together. And Lidia (with her beautiful long hair!) was adorable and helped translate for both of us when we needed it. The whole family is so sweet and willing to hear more.
We’ve been continuing to teach Edwin and Jamie, and Amanda, and although they’ve been taught almost all the lessons before, they had never watched the Restoration! So we watched it last Thursday, and I think it truly got Edwin thinking. He just seemed different afterwards. We haven’t been able to see them since, but we asked them to pray to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and through him, the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored. I pray that they’ll have sincerely prayed and received an answer.
Saturday night, we went to the Nashville Tribute Band concert in Franklin. They’re a country LDS group and they put the concert on for free so we could bring investigators, and less actives. Unfortunately, none of our investigators could go, and none of the less actives we asked could go. None of the members we asked could even take us, and believe me, we asked a lot of people. It was stressful, because we wanted to go, but it seemed like it just wasn’t in Heavenly Father’s plan. But, our ward mission leader pulled through at the last second! Mindy Gledhill was there too, because she sings in some of the songs on their albums. It was pretty cool because I’ve heard her voice all over LDS music.
Life is wonderful, I thank Heavenly Father everyday for the opportunity to be a missionary. I am way beyond inadequate; seriously, this past week, I was just like, wow, I am not equipped to handle any of this. Of course I’m not. I can do my best, repent if needed, and then rely on the Lord. That’s all I can do!
Heavenly Father has been blessing us with lots of people to talk to, including the preacher/pastor of the church we went to last week. We went up to her last Wednesday after Bible study and had the opportunity to correct some misconceptions she had about Mormons. I hope that she’ll call us for more information.
Sounds like all is well at home! It’s been so exciting to hear about your missionary experiences. I pray for each of you by name every night, and pray that Heavenly Father will open the hearts of more of our friends and family to receive the restored gospel. It’s true.
And congratulations to Kristen for graduating! And Amanda is getting married this week! AHHH! Life goes on at home, I guess. It’s weird sometimes to think about, but I’m grateful for the family I have here in Lebanon. I truly love these people so much.
Love you all, and hope that the weather is beautiful unlike here for the past week. Stormy, lightning, thunder, chances of flash floods. No wonder it’s so green here. Someone please tan for me. I have a really weird tan line from those modbod shirt things that I wear a lot.
The gospel is true, and Christ lives. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to testify of that everyday, and I pray that I’ll be a much better missionary everyday.
Hermana Rachel Knecht


One thought on “Week…I don’t know anymore?

  1. Donna Suchoski says:

    You are amazing and you don’t know what seeds you are planting that may not bloom right away. You’ll be blessed for your efforts and so will those you meet. Keep it up. My prayers are with you.

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