More Things About Tennessee!


April 1, 2013 by sisterrachelknecht

I feel like I just wrote you all! I guess it was only last Tuesday. Honestly, not a lot has happened since then. I guess a lot happens everyday, but time goes by too fast here!

Rejection, rejection, rejection. Why don’t people want to get baptized? IT’S TRUE PEOPLE. Sometimes I point at people while we’re driving, and say, sir, you need the gospel. And it’s so true! But there’s only so much that we can do. People need to have the desire.

We were at Sonic the other night, and this teenager is smoking in his car and cursing and I look over and just smile. And then he comes up to our car, and says, can I get your number? To me. Why yes, yes you can! And I proceeded to invite him to church and gave him a pass along card! So funny. He was NOT expecting that.
Talking to people is fun. There are so many characters here.

This past week we had interviews with President McKee. They’re pretty fun because you talk with him for like 10 minutes (which is wonderful because he’s so wonderful) and then you play scripture games and do role plays and things like that! It’s so fun to get together with so many missionaries; you realize you’re not alone!
Also, President McKee told me that I’ll probably be in this area for another 3 or 4 transfers! So that’s exciting! I love it here. We’ll see how long I actually stay here, but for now Hermana McCalvy will finish her mission here and finish my training! So happy and excited.

Hermana McCalvy is so wonderful! We get along and just laugh about everything. Which has come in handy this past week. It hasn’t been the most successful week, to say the least. I feel like we’re at a standstill with our investigators; there’s only so much we can do, but if they don’t have the desire to act, then they can’t progress. It’s so frustrating, but we never give up! (Unless we feel like the Lord is telling us that it’s just not their time, that their just not prepared right now, which is frustrating too, but it’s His work, not our’s!)

Today is so beautiful! First beautiful day in awhile. The past week has been snow, rain, and now sun! Crazy Tennessee. I’m still hoping for a tornado. In a field.

My Spanish is still improving, which is a blessing! I find it also works really well to make people feel comfortable; I can’t speak Spanish, you can’t speak English, it’s all good! But lately, we’ve been teaching a lot more (mostly just first contact lessons that we pass on to the English Elders here in Hermitage) in English than Spanish. Of course, there are more people here that speak English than there are Hispanics, so it makes sense, but we just haven’t found any new Hispanic families to teach. This week though, it’ll happen! Praying for miracles everyday!

Yo puedo imaginar que mi espanol es muy formal, pero no he aprendido “slang”, y tambien no puedo usarlo en la mision. Pues, me da cuenta que ingles tiene mas palabras y maneras para hablar que espanol. Quizas todavia necesito aprender mas para no hablar como un viejo. A veces, yo pienso, quizas mi espanol estaria mejor si estaba sirviendo en un pais que solamente habla en espanol, pero, yo fue llamado para hablar en ingles y en espanol! Estoy muy agradecida que puedo compartir el evangelio en los dos, aunque estoy serviendo en una rama espanol!

Easter was wonderful. We spent it at a member’s home, and their son-in-law’s family came, who aren’t members. We shared the video “Ha Resucitado” on and gave a very simple lesson about Christ’s atonement and His resurrection. It was short, and sweet, and the kids did most of the talking! Both the member’s kids and the nonmember’s kids knew so much and had such sweet testimonies. It was a great opportunity to introduce their family to the missionaries; we’re not selling anything, we simply want to testify and teach of Christ and His restored gospel.

The gospel is wonderful. Tennessee is wonderful. The people here are wonderful! Reading in our weekly email from President McKee is a little discouraging sometimes; so many other missionaries are experiencing these crazy miracles! But I’m simply grateful for the tender mercies that the Lord shows us everyday. And I’m grateful to testify of Christ and His restored gospel everyday!
Okay, I need to go now! Love you all so much!
Hermana Knecht


One thought on “More Things About Tennessee!

  1. Donna Suchoski says:

    You’re doing a great job! You never know what seeds you may be planting that will develop and grow over time.

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