March 4, 2013 by sisterrachelknecht

Okay, here’s how I’m doing, my companion’s name is Hermana McCalvy, she’s from Alaska and is 23. She’s a worker and very obedient and nice and so we work hard together.

On Monday, we flew in on this tiny, tiny rickety old plane. We had to walk up to it with stairs.
Stayed at the mission home on Monday night (well, we stayed at the nice neighbor’s house because they didn’t have room in their house, 25 new missionaries this transfer) and got our companions at the transfer meeting on Tuesday.

Tuesday, we went and visited some members, and though Hermana McCalvy had never talked to Francisca (an investigator that was just never home), we decided to go visit her. She’s a young single mom of four little kids, all under the age of 8, who lives with her sister in law I think. Hermana McCalvy was doing most of the teaching because I still can’t express a lot of things in Spanish yet, but I understood almost all of it. Francisca said that she knew that this church was different, and that it was true. Hermana McCalvy asked her if she would be baptized March 16th. And she said yes! She’s been sick this past week, and couldn’t go to church on Sunday, but I’m praying that she’ll continue to progress and be prepared for her baptism date.
Our other investigators are Irma and her daughter Andrea. Irma was referred to us by one of the members in the ward. Her mother was killed in Guatemala, and so it was amazing to see the difference it made in her when we taught the Plan of Salvation. Though Hermana McCalvy and her previous companion had never taught Andrea, she happened to be there so we taught her. She’s 17 and she’s so sweet and was so accepting of the Plan of Salvation. She started crying when we started talking about her grandma and how she could live with her grandma again. We haven’t taught her since Wednesday, but I think she’ll continue to be interested in the gospel.
Andrea goes to the same school as Liz and Liliana, Liz is an investigator, she’s 16, and Liliana is a recent convert (her sister, and is 15). They live with the Alduenda family (there’s a ton of Alduenda’s in our branch), and they’re Sister Alduenda’s nieces. Liz just recently moved here and is so strong in the gospel already. She goes to seminary, church, and has such a desire to do the right thing. Her eagerness and willingness to learn is so amazing. And she has such a great support system in her syster and the Alduenda family, who have us over for dinner a lot. Liz doesn’t have a baptism date because she wants to gain her own testimony of the Book of Mormon, which is so great. I have faith that she’ll be ready soon!

We also visited another family, who live in Mount Juliet. The mom’s name is Carmen, the dad’s name is Omar (I think?!) and they have five beautiful children! Oh my goodness. This family is so sweet. Hermana McCalvy and her previous companion had only taught them once before, the Restoration, I think, so we visited them last Friday. When we started talking to them, the oldest two kids, Christina (13) and Brandon (10, I think), told us that they loved reading the Book of Mormon. We were so surprised and excited. We talked to the family about the Book of Mormon, and on their own, the kids started reading a chapter out of the Book of Mormon with us! It was seriously so amazing. We each got them their own copy to follow along in. I could just picture them getting baptized, going to the temple, going on missions. It was amazing. Carmen’s sister was there as well, and she seems so interested in the gospel as well. We asked if they would be baptized, and they said they would pray and think about it. They are so prepared for the gospel and I have faith that they’ll continue to progress.

Also, I’ve been so worried about the language. I keep thinking that I won’t be fluent in Spanish because I’m not surrounded by Spanish speakers. I’m trying to just have faith and move forward.

I love you all so much and I know that you pray for me. I definitely need those prayers! Especially since we’re now going part time on bikes. But I’m going to try to have faith, especially for those families that we’re teaching. Because that’s why I’m here! Even if I don’t fully understand it yet.
Love you so much. Love, love, love, you all. Know that I’m working hard, even though it’s really hard. It’s the Lord’s work and I know He’ll bless and support me.


2 thoughts on “Tennessee!

  1. Cindy Thrash says:

    You are doing great works Rachel! I loved reading your blog. You are truly blessed and loved.
    Praying for you to continue the great work you have started. May you feel the peace and love flow through you as grow in your mission.

  2. Dagmar says:

    Dear Sister Knecht, keep on trying! You are already doing such a wonderful job. I ama glad to have met you at the ELC, I admire you very much. Love, Dagmar

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