This week went by so fast…

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February 7, 2013 by sisterrachelknecht

This week went by so fast. Oh my goodness. I feel like it was just p-day. Hermana Schmit and I have definitely been working harder than ever.
I’ll start off by talking about last Friday. It seriously had to be one of the weirdest days of the MTC so far! Everything seemed to be going wrong. Our lesson with our investigator Pedro didn’t go well at all. It was the worst lesson by far! We just couldn’t remember how to say anything in Spanish, and we had a really hard time understanding what our investigator was saying. We left feeling really embarrassed, especially because he’s our teacher. Luckily, we had a really good attitude about the whole day and just laughed about it.
Sunday was fast Sunday, so Hermana Schmit and I fasted for our investigators. We were having a hard time knowing what to teach them, and what Heavenly Father wanted them to hear, so I was grateful for the opportunity to fast.
Spanish is still, ya know, just coming along. I bore my testimony in Spanish in Sacrament meeting! (“Yo se que…”) Hermano Zuzunaga taught us this week that we need to show Heavenly Father that we urgently need the things we are praying for, not just tell Heavenly Father we need certain blessings, but show Him that the need is urgent. Hermana Schmit and I do our best to only speak in Spanish during certain times of the day, even if it means speaking really really slowly…really slowly haha. I love learning Spanish though, and I’ve been trying to show Heavenly Father that I truly need His help. I’ve memorized Mi Objetivo y Doctrina y Convenios Seccion 4 in Spanish and on to the First Vision! I know the Lord will help me as I do my best, I just need to show forth that faith and effort.
We taught our investigator Pedro again and it went so much better. The Spirit truly guided us! Hermana Schmit and I had both prayed and prepared something together, and then we got in there (knocked on the door, “como esta” you know, the fun part. But really I think it’s so much fun!) we just listened to Pedro and felt led in a completely different direction. It was such a cool experience to truly feel the Spirit working through us. Each time we thought we should bring up our prepared lesson, neither Hermana Schmit or I could do it! I’m so grateful that we listened to the Spirit because he was so much more receptive and I feel like we truly helped him. Yesterday when we taught our investigator Salvador (our other teacher), I felt the Spirit so strongly as well. He explained some of his struggles and I felt such a deep connection and love for him, because I’ve experienced those same trials. I bore my testimony and I hope he felt the Spirit too. It just made me so excited to get out to Tennessee. And, it also made me want to work even harder here so that I can be prepared to teach, and love, those who are prepared to hear the Gospel.
We watched a video about missionary work and the Atonement, with parts of Elder Holland and President Eyring’s talks, I’m not sure which one’s specifically. I love Elder Holland’s straightforward, bold way of saying things. Why is missionary work so hard? He answered with, “why would we believe it would ever be easy for us, when it was never easy for Christ?”. Christ suffered so much for each one of us, and we must be prepared to walk the path of Christ, to experience even the smallest degree of what He did. It requires something of our soul, as Elder Holland said, and through every trial, we have every reason to stand stall, because we are standing with the Savior. And whenever I feel that I am finished, that what I’ve done is enough, I need to remember the Savior. Because all that I do, will never be enough for what He has done for us. I can’t adequately explain just how I felt, but here’s part of my journal entry right after we watched Elder Holland and President Eyring:
“This is probably one of the hardest things I’ll ever do, but it’s also one of the most imortant things I’ll ever do. I can’t just quit, give up, think I’m finished. I want to work my hardest, show Christ that I’m willing to follow Him. This was never meant to be easy, and never self-gratifying- this is to show love, to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands, to be like Christ, to save souls. I know I absolutely can’t do this alone- but I know what I need to do and I know that I just need to do it. To keep my promises, to repent immediately, to just work. To forget myself and go to work! That doesn’t mean it’ll be easy, it won’t be. But it’s the Lord’s work and I’ve promised to do it. I’ve promised to love and serve His children”
I think of the promises that I’ve made to the Lord and to the promises that I made before this life. When President Bennett set me apart, he said in his blessing that I had promised to friends before this life, that we would find each other, and that I would share the Gospel with them. I think of that so often. I don’t want to let them down, or all of you who pray for me so much. From a devotional by Elder Clark of the Seventy this week, he said “live up to the prayers that are being offered in your behalf”. That hit me so hard! I want to live up to those prayers and although I’m not anywhere close to perfect, I try my hardest each day to be a worthy instrument in God’s hands. And when I fall short, I know that I can repent and try again, through Christ’s Atonement.
Oh I love you all so so much! Your Dear Elders and letters seriously make my day and I wish I could respond quicker. Pretty much everyone I know that were here before me in the MTC are out in the field, so that’s a little sad, but I’m excited for Jocelyn and Hillary to get here! Tell Kyle and Amber congrats! That’s so cool!
ALSO TELL AMANDA AND KEVIN CONGRATS! AHHHHHHHH!! I can’t wait to get an announcement! Love you all so so very much! I’m so grateful for your prayers, and I pray for you also.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Rachel Knecht


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